Victoria County Retired School Personnel Unit of the Texas Retired Teachers Association

Chartered- March 2, 1971

2013-2014 Officers

President, Audley Dry; 1st Vice-President, Gail Norris; 2nd Vice-President, Cora Jo Hummel; Recording Sect.; Katy Dusek

Treasurer, Maria Sobczak; Parliamentarian, Pamela Dry; Legislative Coord., Bertha White; Yearbook, Gloria Spell & Pamela Dry; Newsletter, Pamela Dry


Your participation in TRTA and with this local unit is greatly appreciated. If you have not yet joined TRTA or your local unit, please contact the TRTA office at 1.800.880.1650. You may also call the local unit 2013-14 president Audley Dry at (361) 575-1268, 2013-14 membership chairperson Gail Norris at (361) 578-2071 or 2013-14 treasurer Maria Sobczak at (361) 573-6495, or State membership information and a membership application form can be viewed by clicking here.

TRTA is a service organization that works to protect and improve your TRS benefits. Thank you for your interest in the association's activities.

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