In Memoriam

2022 Losses:

  • Mar: Sue Marin, for obituary, click on Sue.

2021 Losses:

  • Feb: Vic Pennell, Stratford High School.
  • Mar: Ron Landers, SBARSE long time treasurer.
  • Mar: Edith Naiser, for obituary, click on Edith.
  • Sep: William R "Corky" Pence, former SBARSE president, TRTA District 4 president, and TRTF president.  For obituary click on Corky.

2020 Losses:

  • Aug: James Kirk taught in Spring Branch for 42 years.  For obituary, click on James.
  • Aug: Charlotte Hatfied taught English at Stratford High School.  For obituary, click Charlotte.
  • Nov: Judith Hamelers, who taught at Spring Branch Middle and was a counselor at Thornwood, Meadow Wood and Rummel Creek. For obituary, click Judith
  • Nov: Clarissa "Chris" Metzger.  For obituary, click Clarissa.

2019 Losses:

  • May: JoAnn Satterfield
  • Aug: Mike Saathoff, long time teacher at Memorial High School
  • Oct: Jannell Milling, Housman Elementary teacher and principal.  For obituary, click on Jannell.



2018 Losses:

  • Jan: Mohsen Behdashti, who taught in the ESL department at Spring Woods High School.
  • May 1: Joyce Roberta Miller-Alper, who taught social studies at Memorial High School. For a complete obituary, click Joyce.
  • May 29: Susan Drury, who taught English at Spring Woods High School.  For her obituary, click Susan.

2017 Losses:

  • Ina Mae Nunnally on January 2, who taught for several years at Memorial Middle School.  Her obit can be found by clicking Ina
  • Willie Beth McWhorter on January 21.  She worked as support staff mostly at Edgewood Elementary.  For her complete obituary, click Willie.
  • Ellie Madison on February 1. She was a teacher and  administrator at Bendwood and Special Education director in SBISD.  To see her obituary, click Ellie.
  • Barbara Steel on April 26.  She was a counselor and testing specialist.  To see her obituary, click Barbara.
  • Bobbie Burch on August 5. To see her obituary, click on Bobbie.
  • Carolyn Tingle on October 21.

2016 Losses:

  • Mary Lou Dunn on January 10.  Diagnostician at NBHS.  For full obituary, click here
  • Evelyn Owens on February 25.   She worked as a library aide in several elementary schools.  For full obituary, click here.
  • Claude Blanchard on March 30. Claude was a long-time, active member of our organization and a past president.  He also drew the covers for our phone directories for years.  Claude and his wife, Evelyn, worked for SBISD and all their kids graduated from our schools. For a full obituary, click here.
  • Melvin Eldridge on May 30, who was employed at SBISD for 48 years.  For his obituary, click here.
  • Eleanor Kaptain, Spring 2016.
  • Mary Linnenberg on August 28.  For her obituary, click here.
  • Julia Happe, Career Center principal's secretary for 20 years, on December 8. For full obituary, click Julie.



2015 Losses:

  • Henry Thomas on January 2.  Taught at Hunters Creek and the Career Center.
  • Shirley Kirk on February 11. Taught in Cy-Fair.  For more information, click here.

2014 Losses:

  • Shirley Lincoln --for more information see
  • Charlie Vann--former Northbrook High School principal
  • Rosemary Nye--Rosemary James Nye, age 94, passed away on August 16, 2014. She was born in Noblesville, Indiana to Willis S. and Edna M. Anderson on August 10,1920. Her first job was as a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines. She moved to Houston in 1952 where she became a teacher & counselor in the Spring Branch Independent School District for 25 years. 
  • Mary Alexander
  • Bonnie Conner
  • Elaine Tinker--died October 8, 2014
  • Cathy King--Died December 21 of colon cancer.  She was at Westchester, Northbrook, Stratford and Spring Woods High Schools.