ORT/SPA OFFICERS for 2021 - 2022:


President                            Sara Easley

First Vice-President           Sandra Ramage        

Second Vice-President      Karen Telck

Treasurer                            Marcus Ramage

Secretary                            Elaine Davisson                            

Parliamentarian                 Ricky Chandler                  


Their terms end July 31, 2022


Committee Chairmen:

Healthy Living    Elizabeth Barlow                              Historian    Mary Alice Ramos

Community Vol. Services   Esther Sofge                    Hostess      Lou Ann Rabe               

Info/Protective Services    Mary Alice Ramos             Foundation Representative, Libby  

Member Benefits  Carol Horton                                  Book Project   

Legislative      Ricky Chandler                                    Technology Contact   Libby McCrone 

Membership    Sandra Ramage


Please support your officers.  They want your help!


Officer Pictures


Sara Easley, President                             Sandra Ramage, First Vice President



Karen Telck, Second Vice President                      Marcus Ramage, Treasurer



Elaine Davisson, Secretary                         Ricky Chandler, Parliamentarian


Committee Chairs

Carol Horton, Chair of Member Benefits     Mary Alice Ramos, Chair for Information
                                                                     and Protective Services


Esther Sofge, Chair for Community         Elizabeth Barlow, Chair for Healthy Living
   Volunteer Services



Lou Ann Rabe, Hospitality Chair                 Libby McCrone, Technology Contact and Foundation Chair