March 2021 Newsletter

     We hope that we will be able to meet in person again soon and continue a normal live meeting.
In the meantime our members still need to let our 87th Legislature know that we have needs that they can help us with in this session.  Contact your representative and senator; they do not know our
needs unless we tell them.

       In  THE  VOICE  you will find forms to use to write your own letter to Senator Keliger and to Representative Landgraf.  Please be sure to make your voice heard by writing and mailing your letters.

       The Virtual TRTA Rally Week at the Capitol will be April 5 - 9.  Register for the event at the TRTA website or TRTA app.  When you register you will receive an email confirmation.  TRTA District 18 is scheduling a Zoom meeting with your legislators or their staff.  This scheduled information will be posted as soon as it is confirmed.

        Please renew your Odessa Retired Teachers and School Personnel Association membership for 2021 - 2022 today.  State dues are $35 and local dues are $10 for a total of $45.  Just make one check for $45 payable to  ORT/SPA.   Fill out the enclosed membership card and mail to:
ORT/SPA Treasurer, Marcus Ramage
                      P. O. Box 1645
                      Odessa, TX 7960-1645

           Mary Reeves, Dec. 17, 2020
           Glenda Jean Gorrell, Jan. 2, 2021
            John Edd May, Nov. 16, 2020
            Amelia Gonzales, Nov. 26, 2020
            Lynn Chandler
            Clint Mesker, Jan. 28, 2021
             Billie Rush
             Bettie Grace Briggs Watson, Feb, 7, 2021
             Olen Van Grady, Oct. 25, 2020
             Ann Willis, Feb.2, 2021
             Billie Mayfield, Dec.22, 2020
             La Joyce K. Freeman, Feb. 23, 2021
             Keith Dial, Sr., March 12, 2021
             Betty Lynn Waldrip Henderson, March 11, 2021
             Samuel Armour, Husband of Maye Armour
             William E. (Bill) Talley, 2020
              Bill Cunningham, Husband of Cheryl Cunningham
              Katie Arnold, Mother of Shelia Stevenson, March 2021

      The Education Retirement Seminar was held by Zoom on February 6, 2020.  A big thank you for all who helped and made it such a success.

        Remember, your organization needs you and you need your organization.   So, get your membership renewed and get your friends to join.

         SEE YOU AT THE VIRTUAL RALLY DAY at the Capitol.




      President, Sara Easley, called the meeting to order at 1:40 pm at Highland Methodist Church.  No pledges were given, as there were no flags in the room in which we were meeting.  Carol Horton led in opening prayer and Elaine Davisson gave the Thought for the Day.

      New officers for 2020-2021 were announced:  President – Sara Easley, 1st Vice President – Sandra Ramage, 2nd  Vice President – Judy Wagoner, Secretary – Elaine Davisson, Treasurer – Marcus Ramage.  Libby McCrone noted that the treasurer was the only office not to have a two (2) year term limit.

      The President announced the Retired Teacher Seminar in Midland on Saturday, February 8.  Carol Horton, Ola Pride, Lou Ann Rabe, Sara Easley and Esther Sofge volunteered to hand out fliers to the different schools.

      Carol Horton gave the program on Grief:  handling it, different kinds, difference between grief and mourning, words not to use, and there is no closure.
      The President asked for volunteers for State Convention Delegates on April 6,7,8 in Corpus Christi.  Marilyn  Andjulis moved that Kathy Chandler be a delegate as she would already be there.  Motion passed.

      Ricky Chandler reminded us that New Membership drive starts on March 1; also he asked what could be done with all of the old records and picture albums.  Libby McCrone moved that the Executive committee make that decision and Carol Horton seconded.

      Had drawings for Health & Wellness, Volunteer Hours, Attendance, Birthday of the Month, and door prizes.  

      Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Davisson


Minutes for November 18, 2019

      President, Sara Easley called the meeting to order at 1:30pm.  Melody Drinkard led the pledges and gave the Thought for the Day.  Karen Telck introduced Ricky George who is with the Ector County Environmental Law Enforcement.  He spoke about his career in law enforcement and the dumping problem in West Odessa.  Laws were not enforced in West Odessa on dumping for a long time, but now they are working to  enforce the laws.  West Odessa is the largest unincorporated city in Texas with between 80,000to 100,000 people.  There is no trash service for that area, and that leads to illegal dumping.  He is the Emergency Management Supervisor.  There was a lengthy question and answer period.

      The minutes were read and  treasurer’s report given.  Mary Alice Ramos told us to protect all of our cards.  Libby McCrone informed us about the Foundation as this is Foundation month.  Had a short memorial service to honor deceased members:  Trisha Sibley, Jim Moore, Lois Stevens, and Billy Rush.  Carol Horton read the poem “Remember Me”.  Melody Drinkard led us in singing “How Great Thou Art”.  Libby McCrone also announced a Job posting from Angelo State University.  Sara Easley announced the Christmas luncheon.  Rick Chandler announced that there were 40 yearbooks to be picked up.  Esther Sofge had the drawing for volunteer hours, which was won by Ola Mae Pride; Elizabeth Barlow had the drawing for health and wellness, which was won by Juanella Mouser.  Attendance prize was won by Esther Sofge and Birthday for November was given to Dorothy Glover.  Elaine Davisson and Margaret Green received $10 gift cards for bringing new member and new member.  Door prizes were handed out.

      The meeting was dismissed at 3:15pm.

Respectfully submitted

Elaine Davisson


Minutes for October 21, 2019

      President Sara Easley called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. Marilyn Andjulis led the pledges, and the Thought of the Day was given by Kathy Chandler. Karen Telck introduced Diane Bustamante from Curves; she spoke about the mission of Curves. She handed out goody bags to each member, and had available information about the exercises provided by Curves. Secretary Elaine Davisson read the minutes from the September meeting, and Marcus Ramage gave the Treasurer’s report. Elizabeth Barlow gave Health & Wellness information about circulation in the legs. Carol Horton, chairman of Member Benefits, gave information on cyber security and scam phone calls. Rick Chandler, District 18 President, discussed the TRTA State Convention in Corpus Christi on April 6 – 8, 2020. You can register for the convention at He also reviewed the 10 constitutional amendments to be proposed for the Texas state constitution in the November 5 election. Libby McCrone reminded us that November is Foundation Month. Sandy Ramage reminded us about the drive to increase our membership. If we bring to a meeting a retired teacher who is not a TRTA member, both get a gift card.

      Karen Telck said that we need to make the meetings more interesting. President Easley discussed a yearbook committee. She gave thanks to the Ramages for setting up the room for the meeting. October birthday prize was won by Helen Slusher; Steps prize was won by Elaine Davisson; Volunteer Hours prize was won by Marcus Ramage, and the Attendance prize was won by Lou Ann Rabe.

      The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Elaine Davisson, Secretary


Minutes for September 16, 2019

      New President, Sara Easley, called the meeting to order at our new meeting place, Highland United Methodist Church, at 1:30 p.m.  LaNelle Agee led us in the pledges to the flags, and Karen Telck presented the Thought for the Day.

     Sara introduced the officers:  Rick Chandler, District President;  1st Vice-President, Sandy Ramage; Secretary, Elaine Davisson; Treasurer, Marcus Ramage.

     Sara then introduced each committee chairperson who explained what their committee was about:  Esther Sofge, Charitable Volunteer Hours; Elizabeth Barlow, Healthy Living; Carol Horton, Member Benefits; Rick Chandler, Legislative; Libby McCrone, Technology; Mary Alice Ramos, Information & Protective Services.  Rick spoke about the district meeting on September 18 and encouraged us to thank our state representative and senator for the supplemental check.  Our local membership is now 150.   Marcus Ramage reported our bank balance at $11,689.53 and  expenses of $298.  Mary Alice discussed the Do Not Call web site.

     Carol Horton gave out gift certificates for June, July, August and September birthdays.  The healthy steps award was won by Marilyn Andjulis; volunteer hours award was won by Kathy Chandler; the attendance award was won by Jean Roberts.

     Secretary Elaine Davisson read a letter from Sandra McAdams resigning  her position as secretary.  Sara thanked Sandy Ramage and Lou Ann Rabe for the decorations.

     The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.
Elaine Davisson, Secretary




Minutes for the Odessa Retired Teachers/School Personnel Association
Monday, February 11, 2019

Laurie Farber called the meeting to order at 1:30.  Carol Horton gave the invocation.  Libby McCrone gave the Thought for the Day.  Laurie led the pledges to the American and Texas flags. 

Karen Telck then introduced Wendy Hilliard, who gave a program about Silver Sneakers with the YMCA. 

Those present approved the minutes.  Marcus Ramage then gave the treasurer’s report for December and January.  As of 1/31, the Checking Balance is $10,222.47 and the Savings Balance is $3,039.38. 

For Standing Committee Reports, Laurie shared that the Retirement Seminar was very successful and thanked everyone who helped. 

Under new business, Carol Horton encouraged everyone to write letters to Senator Kel Seliger and Representative Brooks Landgraf in support of retired teachers.  Laurie reported that several people will be representing ORT/SPA at the Odessa Forum on February 15.  Too, the Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Appreciation Day will be Friday, March 1.  ORT/SPA will provide part of the snacks for the event.  The winner for this month’s birthdays was Arlyne Ragan.  Sara Easley’s name was drawn for volunteer hours, and Lou Ann Rabe for Steps. 

Laurie adjourned the meeting at 2:16.

                            Minutes taken by Marilyn Anjulis