ORT/SPA Bylaws


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Odessa Retired Teachers and School Personnel Association
Revised 2018 

ARTICLE I:                                        NAME

The name of this organization shall be Odessa Retired Teachers and School Personnel Association, hereinafter referred to as Odessa RT/SPA.

ARTICLE II:                                       PURPOSES

Section 1       The purpose of the Odessa RT/SPA shall be:
A. To promote the preservation and maintenance of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas
     Pension Trust Fund for purposes as established in Article XVI, Section 67, of the Constitution
     of the state of Texas;
B. To encourage the Texas Legislature and the Teacher Retirement System of Texas Board of
     Trustees to ensure that the Pension Trust fund is preserved to pay, upon retirement, annuities
     and future annuity increases to the retired members of the Teacher Retirement System of
     Texas; and
C. To work with Texas Legislature and United States Congress to protect, promote, and defend
     the interests of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas members.

Section 2     The objectives of Odessa RT/SPA shall be: 
A. To promote the professional, economic, intellectual, social, and healthy well-being of retired
     school personnel;  
B. To provide and maintain a functional and united organization for all retired school personnel;  
C. To cooperate with association of retired school personnel of equal status, with associations of
     active school personnel, and with other associations of retired persons in solving problems of
     mutual concern; and
D. To encourage retired school personnel to give voluntarily of their time, talents, training, and
     experience in the furtherance of education and civic endeavors the community, the state, and
     the nation.  

ARTICLE III:                                      AFFILIATION

Odessa RT/SPA is a local unit of Texas Retired Teachers Association and is an affiliate of that statewide group, participating in it through Local, District, and State levels, and supporting the objectives and policies of TRTA as established by its Board of Directors.

ARTICLE IV:                                      MEMBERSHIP

Section 1                  Active Member
                       Any retired school personnel or beneficiary who is an annuitant from Texas 

                       Retirement System may become a member of TRTA upon payment of dues,
                       either through the Odessa RT/SPA or directly to TRTA.
Section 2                  Associate Member
                       Any person who is interested in education and desires to promote the objectives

                       of TRTA may become an Associate Member of TRTA upon payment of TRTA
                       dues either through the Odessa RT/SPA or directly to TRTA. Associate
                       Members shall have all the rights and privileges of membership except the
                       right to vote and hold office in TRTA.
Section 3        Beginning July 1, 2004, any new member of a Local Unit, defined as a member

                       who was not a member of that Local Unit in the previous year, shall also belong
                       to TRTA.

Article V                                            Dues

Section 1        Local annual dues shall be decided by vote at the first regular meeting after the
                       election of officers. 
Section 2        Members shall pay local and state dues at one time to the local treasurer.
Section 3        Members who pay state dues by bank draft or out of their annuity must send local

                       dues to the local treasurer. 
Section 4        Persons joining after March 1 shall receive credit for the following fiscal year

                       beginning July 1.
Section 5        Membership dues will be accepted throughout the year. 

Article VI                                           Officers and Terms

Section 1        Officers elected by the Odessa RT/SPA shall be a President, First-Vice President,
                       Second Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The President shall appoint a
                       Parliamentarian and a Historian. The officers, the immediate Past President, the
                       Parliamentarian, Historian, and the chair of all standing committees shall
                       constitute the Executive Board of the Association.
Section 2        Co-officers maybe elected when needed by majority vote of the Executive Board.
Section 3        Term of Office

                       A. The officers shall be elected for a two year term beginning July 1 in even
                              numbered years and ending June 30, even numbered years. The officers shall
                               be eligible to serve two consecutive terms with no subsequent consecutive
                              term, except for the treasurer, who shall be eligible for additional consecutive
                       B.  The term of appointed officers shall coincide with that of the President.
                               Proviso: This provision shall begin July 1, 2014. 
Section 4        A vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled by the elective officers in

                       the following order:  First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary and
Section 5        A vacancy in any other office occurring during the administration shall be filled

                       by appointment of the President subject to the approval of the Executive Board. 

Article VII                                          Elections

Section 1        The president shall appoint a three (3) member Nomination Committee in
                       October. One member to serve as Chair will be selected by the committee
Section 2        A slate of names will be printed in the January Odessa RT/SPA newsletter. 
Section 3        Election of officers shall be held at the January meeting. 

Article VIII                                         Duties of the Officers
The officers of this Association shall perform their duties as specified:
Section 1        The President shall: 

                       A. preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board
                       B. call a meeting of the Executive Board when necessary
                       C. appoint committees and chairs of all committees, a Parliamentarian and
                            Historian with the approval of the Executive Board
                       D. be responsible for the Awards Program
                       E. appoint a three (3) member Audit Committee in May, one to be the chair
                       F. shall be an ex officio member of all committees, except the Nomination 
Section 2        The First Vice-President shall:

                       A. preside in the absence of the President
                       B. be chair of the Membership Committee and provide member information to the
                             Executive Committee
Section 3    The Second Vice-President shall:

                       A. preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and First Vice-President
                       B. be chair of the Public Relations Committee
                       C. be chair of the Book Project and responsible for the distribution of the books,
                              with help of the membership
Section 4        The Secretary shall: 

                       A. keep an accurate record of the meetings of the Association and Executive
                       B. have custody of all records during the tenure of the office and pass them to the
                              incoming Secretary for safe keeping
Second 5        The Treasurer shall:

                       A. with the President, prepare a budget for the fiscal year to be considered and
                              approved by the Executive Board
                       B. have custody of the Odessa RT/SPA funds and deposit them in the name of the
                              Association in a financial institution approved by the Executive Board
                       C. keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements and an accurate
                           account of Odessa RT/SPA membership 
                       D. present the Odessa RT/SPA books for an annual audit at the end of the fiscal
Section 6        The Historian shall keep a permanent record of activities and

                       accomplishments of the Association
Section 7        The Parliamentarian shall: 

                       A. be familiar with the Odessa RT/SPA, District, and TRTA Bylaws
                       B. observe and advise that all actions of Odessa RT/SPA are in accordance with
                              the District and TRTA or the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order, Newly
                       C. serve as chair of the Odessa RT/SPA Bylaws Committee.

Article IX                                           Committees

Section 1        Required Standing Committees shall be:
                       A. Membership 
                       B. Public Relations
                       C. Community and Volunteer Services (CVS)
                       D. Legislative
                       Non-State Required Committees shall be: 
                       E. Informative and Protective Services (IPS)
                       F. Retirement Education
                       G. Healthy Living
                       H. Member Benefits
                       I. Hospitality
                       J. Hostesses
                       K. Handbook
                       L. Audit
                       M. Nomination
                       N. Scholarship
Section 2        Special Committees shall be appointed as needed.
Article X                    

Section 1        The regular meeting of the Odessa RT/SPA shall be held the third Monday of the
                       month, September through May, unless otherwise noted.
Section 2        The meetings of the Executive Board may be held at the call of the President.
Section 3        Active members are eligible to vote. 

Article XI                                           Quorum

Section 1        A majority of those present for a business meeting shall constitute a quorum.
Section 2        A majority of those present for an Executive Board meeting shall constitute a


Article XII                                          Amendments

Section 1        The Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Odessa RT/SPA by a
                       2/3 (two-thirds) vote of active members present provided the amendment has been
                       presented in written form to the membership at least one regular meeting prior to
                       the meeting at which the amendment is voted on. 
Section 2        Publication in the Odessa RT/SPA Newsletter shall constitute advanced notice. 
Section 3        In the event that prior notice is not given, the amendment(s) may be presented and

                       voted on at the same meeting.  A 9/10(nine-tenth) vote of the active members
                       present shall be required to pass the amendment. 
Section 4        Any change required bringing the Odessa RT/SPA Bylaws into conformity with

                       the Bylaws of TRTA shall be by a vote of the majority of the Executive Board
                       members present. 

Article XIII                                         Dissolution

                       In the event of a dissolution of the Odessa Retired Teachers and School Personnel
                       Association of Odessa, Texas, the new assets of the unit shall be distributed as
Section 1        all liabilities and obligations shall be paid and satisfied or adequate provisions

                       shall be made therefore
Section 2        the Executive Board shall determine specific procedures for liquidating the

                       remaining assets and shall supervise the disbursements of the funds.
Article XIV        
                                Odessa RT/SPA Standing Rules

Section 1        An amount, not to exceed $200 per fiscal year, may be budgeted for charitable
                       causes when funds are available.
Section 2        One (1) scholarship, not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500) per fiscal year,

                       maybe awarded when funds are available to a student in the field of education
                       who is a relative of an Odessa RT/SPA active member. 
Section 3        With each term in officer transition, each out-going officer will meet with the in-

                       coming officer to discuss duties.