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             Scroll down for important information from TRS for your heirs!


*     In-person meetings continue to be canceled until June 30 of 2021.  We hope that we can resume  meeting together some time soon. This applies to local, district and state meetings. 
*      Our TRTA Executive Director Tim Lee believes that we now 
        have a good possibility to receive a cost of living increase
        (COLA) in our annuity.  Besides our Red Letter Campaign
         it is very important for every member to participate in the 
         ZOOM meetings at the Capitol on April 5-8.  Our legislators
         need to see as many of us as possible participating in the
         meetings.  Please log in and participate in as many 
         meetings as possible. Remember to wear your red tag.
         It is our business to work toward increasing our annuity;
         we have not had this opportunity in many years.  The schedule
         of the meetings and the information for signing in is shown

                      April 7 at 10 a.m. meeting with Senator Roland
                        Meeting ID:   938 000 1793
                        Passcode:  qQ4yzB


                        April 7 at 1 p.m. meeting with Senator Seliger  by
                        members from District 18
                         (repeat the information in the  lines of the
                          sign-in information above)

                        April 8 at 2 p.m. meeting with Representative
                         (repeat the information in the lines of the
                          sign-in information above)  


*      Please take a look at Tim Lee's latest video about THE RED LETTER CAMPAIGN for this legislative session.   See the  link below; scroll down to Visit TRTA
                    There is a new TRTA app     which you can download
*      and keep engaged with TRTA  on your smart phone.  Take a 
*      look at Tim Lee's announcement on his INSIDE LINE.  It is free!

*        Some changes which you will want to know about:  

*                New digital newsletter, called Fresh Picks, available now.       *                Updated Employment after Retirement brochure on TRS 
*                          website, also videos on the website
*                New member education video on Survivor Benefits  
*                          on the TRS website.

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       Be sure that your heirs are aware of the $10,000 benefit which can be applied for upon  your death.  TRS  will not automatically send the amount
to you, you (heir) will have to apply for it.  Contact the TRS office and ask
for the form which you need to apply for the benefit.

For more information, click HERE.

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TRTA supports maintaining the current defined benefit plan for all current and future TRS retirees, relying upon the tenants established in the 83rd legislative session to ensure the fund’s long-term solvency. To the extent possible, provide a cost-of-living increase or supplemental payment for current TRS retirees.




TRTA is the only organization working exclusively for Texas retired school personnel. Our local unit supports the state TRTA organization and the TRT Foundation charitable projects. Our membership is for all public school employees who are members of TRS.

We are part of District 18 which includes seven local units in an area served by Region 18 Education Service Center.

The current newsletter from the TRTA Executive Director, Tim Lee, THE INSIDE LINE can be viewed from the TRTA website. This is a good way to stay informed on issues important to TRTA members and retired school personnel.



Visit District 18 Website
Visit TRTA
Visit TRS



      2020 -2021 Meetings are CANCELED THROUGH  JUNE 30.



Download the form for membership dues


         Local dues are paid to the local unit.

         Our membership year is from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.
                 Annual dues are $45:
                 State dues are  $35
                 Local dues are $10

         Dues may be sent to our treasurer at the following address:  
                 P. O. Box 1645
                 Odessa, TX 79760-1645

Contact Treasurer Marcus Ramage at (432) 366-7326 if you have questions.  Sandra Ramage
          (same number) is the membership chairman and first vice president.


                  The 2018 directory can be viewed HERE.


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