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 EPLVRTA By laws

2019 Fall Conference in El Paso


Oct. 2019 Meeting



Sept. 2019 Meeting

                        Guest speaker, State Representative, Dr. Mary Gonzales and District Director, Josie Arellano




2019 Scholarship Recipients 


Alondra Aviles from Clint High School received the Lucy Anne Worsham Memorial Scholarship and plans to attend UTEP.


Aylin Chairez from Fabens High School received the Harold Eades Honorary Scholarship and plans to attend EPCC.

2019 Book Distribution at Carroll T. Welch Elementary School


                                            photos by J. Moreno-Clint ISD Public Relations Dept.

      Skit for Anita Segura

April 2019 TRTA Conference in Austin



Feb 2019 meeting guest speaker, Steve Evans, Ysleta and Region 19 Legislative Chair


  Dec 2018 meeting




Nov 2018 meeting Denise Uga from NAMI spoke about mental health awareness. Silent Auction/Bake Sale and Tim Lee visits El Paso




Oct 2018 meeting-guest speaker was George Gomez, financial advisor.




Sept. 2018 meeting-Guest speakers: Paul Pearson, District 19 President, and Beatriz Delgado, Clint ISD/Public Librarian



2018-19 EPLVRTA Officers: Maria Baxley-President, Martha Guerra-1st VP, Julieta Calderon-2nd VP, Sandra Hernandez-Secretary, and Anita Segura-Treasurer     



2018 Scholarship Recipients


Ana Nohemi Baca from Horizon High School received the Lucy Anne Worsham Scholarship and will be attending UTEP.


Joselyne Chavez from Clint Early College Academy received the Harold Eades Scholarship and will be attending UTEP.

May 2018 Region XIX Leadership Conference         



2018 Book Distribution at Montana Vista Elementary



May 2018 Meeting- Installation of officers by Norma K. Irwin



2018-19 EPLVRTA Officers- Maria Baxley-President, Martha Guerra-1st Vice-President, Julieta Calderon-2nd Vice-President, Sandra Hernandez-Secretary, and Julie Wilson- Treasurer. 

                      Skit for outgoing President- Bobbie Estrada, "Da Queen"

                                                          Thank you Bobbie!


April 2018 Meeting

Guest speaker, EPPD Detective, Mike Martinez provided safety tips. Topics discussed were: scams targeting seniors, active shooter scenarios, and the characteristics of a suspicious package.


 March 2018 Meeting



February 2018 Meeting- Horizon Country Club



December 2017 Meeting - Christmas Luncheon





Oct. 2017 Meeting- Clint ISD principals: Mr. Ritchey, Mrs. Acosta, and Ms. Dominguez, shared information about the exciting activities and new curriculum at their campuses.


2017 TRTA District Fall Conference

State Representative Mary Gonzalez informed members about the 85th Legislative session.



Sept. 2017 Meeting at San Lorenzo Parish Hall


                                     2016-2017 EPLVRTA OFFICERS


Bobbie Estrada-President, Becky Martinez-1st Vice-President, Sandy Hernandez-2nd Vice-President, Lupe Lara-Secretary, and Anita Segura-Treasurer

May 2017 Meeting

2017 Scholarship Recipient

David Soria-Clint High School-UTEP

2017 Book Distribution at Surratt Elementary. 1,035 books were given to students

Julie Jones, Bobbie Estrada, Julieta Calderon, Becky Martinez, Mary Coffman, Sherry Miller, Barbara Tullius, Anita Segura,Sandra Hernandez, Armando Hernandez, Raymond Jones, and Joel Segura.

Spring Leadership Conference 2017-El Paso, Tx

Becky Martinez, Bobbie Estrada, Anita Segura, Helen Rojas, Julie Jones, Sandra Hernandez, Sherrie Miller, Julieta Calderon, and Raymond Jones

April 2017 Meeting

Ron Leiman, President District 19 RTA was guest speaker.

Joshua Carter,  guest speaker, and candidate for the EPCC School Board

Region 19 RTA Members at Convention in Austin.  Mando and Sandy Hernandez, and Bobbie Estrada represented EPLVRTA

March 2017 Meeting

        Guest speaker Joshua Carter, District Director for State Representative Mary Gonzalez 

December 2016 Meeting

Christmas Luncheon at Emerald Springs Country Club


                                November 2016 Meeting


October 2016 Meeting



Sept. 12, 2016 meeting



Mr. Juan Martinez, Superintendent Clint ISD, was our guest speaker.

            2016 Book Distribution at Fabens Elementary Schools


2016 Scholarship Recipients:


David Reveles-Horizon High School, Emi Ortiz-Fabens High School, and Vianeth Martinez-Fabens High School

District 19 Fall Conference Oct. 5, 2015 El Paso,Texas         

 Mary Gonzalez, State Representative


        Installation of EPLVRTA Officers 2015-2016


Outgoing President- Julie Jones       EPLVRTA President 2015-16- Bobbie Estrada



EPLVRTA  Officers : Bobbie Estrada, Lupe Lara, Anita Segura, Becky Martinez and Sandy Hernandez

Skit for outgoing President, Julie Jones

Thank you Julie!



                        May 2015 Meeting and Luncheon



                     2015 EPLVRTA Scholarship Recipients

 Lucy Ann Worsham Scholarships:   Ann Dee Alvidrez-San Elizario High School-Sul Ross and Jesus Mendoza-Fabens High School-EPCC


Ricardo Estrada Scholarship - Audrey Martinez-Clint High School-UTEP                      


2014-15 TRTA State Scholarship Recipient  Maranda Kahl

Southwestern University-Georgetown, Texas


TRTA State Convention in Austin - April 6-8, 2015
EPLVTRA members: Mando and Sandy Hernandez,state representative-Mary Gonzalez,and Bobbie Estrada


Christmas 2014


District Leadership Conference-May 5, 2014
Becky Martinez, Raymond Jones, Julie Jones, Sandra Hernandez,
Lupe Lara, and Bobbie Estrada

2010-2011 Officers

Rosa Johnson-Treasurer, Lupe Lara-Secretary, Julie Jones-2nd Vice-Pres., BeckyMartinez-1st Vice-Pres., Raymond Jones, President


  Book Distributions:

2012 Book Distribution

Julieta Calderon, Roberta Estrada, Armando Hernandez, Sandra Hernandez,  Anita Segura, Joel Segura, Raymond Jones, Julie Jones and Becky Martinez





                 2011 Book Distribution-Surratt Elementary























History of RTA and EPLVRTA-1982  

June 1980 1st by laws and formation of EPLVRTA








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