Convention Materials

2016 Convention Materials

Videos and files from the 2016 convention sessions.

2015 Content Manager's Guide

This is the guide from the 2015 Convention in Austin

2014 Session I Video - Anatomy of a Web Page

This is the Session I presenation entitled Anatomy of a Web Page. It covers the WYSIWYG editor in detail, showing you all of the neat things you can do with it.

Session II Video - Building a Great Local Unit Website

This video shows you how to build a website. It shows you how to change the layout of a page, add files, galleries, and so on.

2014 Local Unit Content Manager's Guide in PDF

Please find the most recent Content Manager's Guide here.

Session I AND II PowerPoint Presentation - with Links

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation with useful links to the Mura CMS Content Manager's Help Site as well as the Local Unit website embedded.

Session 3 : Mobile Applications and Social Media for Retired Teachers

Here are the video and the powerpoint slides, as well as links to the Handy Web Utitlities (starting on Slide 23).