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Last updated on November 4, 2019.

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Starting this month (November 2019), there will not be a Calling Committee. Members will be responsible for making their own reservations.

When you receive the luncheon information in the Newsletter (The Grapevine), you will be required to call or text Lila Murphy at 915-253-5792 or send an email to elpasorta@gmail.com.
Deadline for making reservations is November 12.




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Officers for 2018-2020:

President, James Lamonica; 1st Vice-President, Donnette Vollmer;

2nd Vice-President, Debra King; Secretary, Beverley Muller;

Treasurer, Carlos Martinez; absent: Past President, Pat Lally


Carlos Martinez (on the left)

receives the 2018-2019 

Hall of Fame Award

from President James Lamonica

for outstanding service to EPRTA.

Carlos currently serves as Treasurer.

Congratulations, Carlos!

          This award was first given in 1984.


Contact Phone Numbers:

TRTA Contact Your Legislator: 1-888-674-3788
TRTA Toll Free Office Number: 1-800-880-1650
TRTA AMBA (Asso. Member Benefits Advisors): 1-800-258-7041 (Insurance, Discounts)
Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS): 1-800-223-8778
TRS Health and Insurance Benefits: 1-888-237-6762