C-FB RSPA Projects


Children's Book Project

The Children’s Book Project is a service activity carried out by Local Units of the Texas Retired Teachers Association. At C-FB RSPA, books are purchased with funds raised or donated by our members throughout the year. Books are presented to elementary school students and then belong to the individual students--theirs to take home, read and keep! 

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Volunteer Hours

TRTA wants to show our state legislators how many hours of "free" work are done by retired school personnel each year and what that is worth in dollars to the state. So, we count our hours, January to December. The hours that each of us volunteer are combined with the local hours of others. Those hours are combined with other district volunteer hours which are then sent on to Austin and combined with all other TRTA district hours.

Volunteering takes on many different faces in C-FB RSPA but ALL volunteer hours count toward our numbers!

  1. Hours may be counted for any service that is provided without pay to an individual or group (maximum of 12 hours per day). 
  2. Travel time is included in the hours reported--from the time you leave home until you return. Also count the time you spend preparing to do the volunteer work, i.e., preparing a speech or baking cookies.
  3. Combine all volunteer hours together regardless of type of service performed.
  4. Make a habit of recording your hours on a regular basis. You might find this blank form helpful for keeping track of your hours. Periodically report your numbers to our C-FB RSPA Volunteer Chair.


Health Initiative

Health news and tips will be shared throughout the year, here and in our newsletters:

      Endurance Activities

      Healthy Eating for the Holidays