Scholarship Application





APPLICANT NAME__________________________________________



Applicant plans to major in education while attending a Texas College/University's traditional program, and pursue career in teaching.

Applicant must fill out application completely, typewritten or printed in blue or black ink.

Applicant must include a copy of grades from most recent grading period AND a copy of

official transcript.

Interviews will be conducted on a date to be announced.

PLEASE NOTE: Application will not be considered if incomplete.



(Must be turned in with application)


____1)  Completed application (application will not be considered if incomplete)

____2)  Most recent grade report AND transcript

____3)  SAT/ACT scores

____4)  Narrative essay about yourself

____5)  Letter of Recommendation from Principal on school letterhead

____6)  Letter of Recommendation from someone other than principal (i.e.: teacher, coach, pastor)  

____7)  Scholastic Record (signed by principal)


I hereby certify that the information submitted in this application is true and correct:


___________________________________________      _____________

SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT                                                  DATE      



Please return completed form by March 20, 2020

to the following address:

Mrs. Gwyn Kirk

200 Glenrose Drive

Hawkins, TX 75765









Home Address:________________________________________________________________


City, State, ZIP:________________________________________________________________


Home Telephone Number:____________________________________________


Cell Number:_______________________________________________________


Email Address:______________________________________________________


Name of High School:____________________________________________________________


Address of High School:___________________________________________________________


City, State, ZIP:__________________________________________________________________


School Phone Number:___________________________________________________________


Anticipated Graduation Date:______________________________________________________


Texas College or University you plan to attend:______________________________


Have you been formally accepted by this school? Y/N_______


Planned college major:__________________________________________________________


What is your current preferred career choice?________________________________________


Please specify where you will live during your college training: at home, in a dorm, or in an



Will you have any brothers or sisters attending college at the same time as you? Y/N________


If you answered yes, how many?_______


Write and attach a one page narrative essay about yourself. Include important facts and

character traits the committee should know, along with a description of your future plans. This

should help the committee get to know you.




List all sports, clubs, school activities, awards, and achievements of High School:

Year Activity Your Role Level Achieved


List leadership roles, activities, honors, or awards outside of high school:


Your Role Level Achieved





Scholastic Record

(To be completed by High School Principal)





Date to be Graduated:_______________________________________


Number in Graduating Class:__________________________________


Applicant Rank in Graduating Class:_____________________________


Numerical High School Grade Average:__________________________




Exam Scores: SAT ACT_________________________________


Was applicant enrolled in Accelerated Classes? Y/N__________



Signature of Principal: ____________________________________________Date:___________











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