Tri-County Retired Teachers Association

Tri-County RTA serves Duval, Jim Wells and Western Nueces Counties.

       Our 2018-19 membership drive is in full gear, making sure that all members get the best of their membership!

 Membership year is July 1- June 30.

State Dues are $35  and Local Dues are $7 and we are encouraging all TRS Annuitants to join us as TRTA is the Voice for All Education Retirees! 

Call Elva Garcia at 361-227-1130 or Diana Reyna at 361-389-2828 to join or pay your dues.

Meetings are held at the First Methodist Church, 111N Adams, Alice, TX

Time:  Fellowship 2:30           Meeting 3:00pm

Meeting Dates are the 3rd Thursday of the month:

           September 19, 2019                             November 21, 2019                            

           December 19, 2019 at 12:30 pm               February 20, 2020                                     

            March 20, 2020                                      May 21, 2020                                                     

We proudly encourage all TRS annuitants and friends to join us and be part of the Voice that fights to protect our annuity and our TRS Care as well as provide our members with benefits such as an outstanding dental plan and many other benefits!


April 6-8, 2020 67th Annual Convention in Corpus Christ, TX at the American Bank Center



2018-2020 Tri-County RTA President

Elva Garcia

2018-2020 Tri-County RTA Officers and Committee Members are listed on the right.

(L-> R) Patricia R Macias TRTA state President, Elva Garcia President, , Diana Reyna 1st V-President, Adela Navarro 2nd VP, Alma Garcia Secretary, Veronica Nava Treasurer, and Gracie Uribe-Cano Past President.


Tri-County RTA members are proudly serving at the State Level





(L) Patricia Macias was honored at the May meeting for being elected President of the Texas Retired Techers Association at the TRTA 65th Annual Convention.

(R)  2018-2020 TRTA Officers are Ella Gauthier Sec/Treasurer, Marcy Cann 2nd V-President, Leroy Dehaven 1st V-President, Patricia Macias President, and Nancy Byler Past President.



Elva Garcia is serving as the TRTA State Community Volunteer Chair and met in Austin in July  to work with her committee and collaborate with the Health Living Chair Dottie Gardner and  Informative & Protective Chair Earl Wall.






Elva Garcia is a member of the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation Board  pictured with Patricia Macias at the TRTF Breakfast at the state Convention.              


 Tri-County members continue to be active in legislative issues, the children's book project and community activities. Tri-County members also volunteer with many of our local organizations.