October 2014 Meeting Minutes

Texarkana Retired Teachers and School Employees Association

October 23, 2013


Mary Young, President, called the meeting to order.  She called on Wanda Ingram who introduced our program on “Domestic Violence Intervention Services” available to our community.  Ms. Marla Bush, Director, and Ms. Mitzi Jennings, Child and Adult Residence Coordinator, talked about volunteer opportunities with them that included the following:

            Working in or donating to their resale stores, located in Atlanta, Ashdown, &


            Children’s Play Therapy Helpers

            After school help, homework and play supervision

            Funds to furnish 2 rooms mostly flooring and manpower

Annette Dunn gave a devotional on friendship, its importance and enduring value.

J.B. Stone led the pledges to the US and TX flags.

Mary Stone, Secretary, read the minutes since limited copies were available for perusal.  They were accepted as read.  Thanks to Andi Kirby for taking minutes in the secretary’s absence.

Gerald Brooks, Treasurer, presented this month’s report.  It was accepted and filled for audit.

The audit committee reported that last year’s books were in good order.  Their report was accepted with appreciation.

It was reported that our unit has 317 members at present.

Pat Henry, Legislative Representative, sounded a warning that SS survival and spousal benefits may be cut because of our recent “windfall.”  Also if SS becomes mandatory in TX. It would pose many problems.

It was announced that there would be a coordinated/cooperative retirement seminar at Queen City on Feb. 4th.  We will be helping them and volunteers are needed.

Judy Oosterhous, Health Care Rep., was absent but relevant material was distributed on her behalf that included an admonishment to keep our sense of humor.

Carolyn Lance, Member Benefits Rep., cautioned that letters and other contacts with our representatives, state and national, are extremely important.  She touted the valued of MASA which is available a price as a benefit of membership.

It was proffered by a member that Humana was not necessarily a good option for our members.  Be cautious when making healthcare changes or commitments.

George Willige, Foundation Rep., shared with us the good things the Foundation is doing and reminded us that this is Foundation Month.

Carolyn Bridges reminded us that our recipes for our cookbook are due at the next meeting, Nov. 20th.  This could be a good money earner so share some family secret recipes.

Today’s greeter were Debbie Proctor and Carolyn Bridges.  They reported 46 attending today’s meeting.

Mary Nell Short, District VIII President, reported on the fall District Meeting at the Region VIII Center in Pittsburg, TX.  She thanked who attended and volunteered.

It was recommended that everyone consider payroll deduction with a permanent membership card and become Diamond Plus.

Betty Williams reminded us to vote in the upcoming election.  She also reminded us to report membership illnesses and passings so that cards can be sent.  It was noted that Ruth Reed is back home.

Carolyn Lance challenged those present with $100 to be matched by those in attendance for Domestic Violence Prevention and money poured forth from the group.  The final tally was not determined but the representatives were well pleased with generosity of the group.

The meeting was adjourned for food and fellowship at 11:30 CST.


Respectfully submitted,




Mary C. Stone