South Dallas County Retired School Personnel is entering its 28th year as the local branch of the Texas Retired Teacher Association (TRTA).  Texas Teacher Retirement System (TRS) is a government entity and can not by law enter into the political realm.  TRTA can and does represent retired educators as our benefits and funds face continued scrutiny from many politicians in Austin. 


During the last legislative session, we contributed greatly to the successes of the TRTA in preserving our defined benefits pension fund, and insuring that our pension fund is actuarially sound. This allowed all who retired before 2004 to receive a cost of living increase of 3%! We have another tremendous challenge this session involving our health insurance plan. We are again asked to form legislative teams to work with our elected officials to restore full financial support for our TRS Care Health Insurance, to ensure we are not burdened with large premium increases in the future.

HEALTH CARE CRISIS LOOMING DURING NEXT LEGISLATIVE SESSION Could our insurance premiums increase 135% ? 


Don't forget to pay your annual dues this month. 

TRTA and your local unit are your voice - help make it heard!