Robertson County RTA


Our active local meets on the first Monday of each month, except September when we meet on the 2nd Monday, at 10 am at the Patrick Masonic Lodge. We meet in September, October, November, December, March, April and May.


If you are interested in joining our local or attending one of our meetings please contact our President, Juanice Knight, 979-828-4903.

Robertson county Treasurer Jim Steakley and President Francis Steakley study the issues at a District 6 Spring planning meeting.  

Last year's leadership team:

President- Frances Steakley
1st Vice President - Virginia Akins
2nd Vice President - Lynda Lys
Secretary - Debbie Liere
Treasurer - Jim Steakley
Committee Chairmen
Jim Steakley
Geraldine Sanders
Virginia Akins
Lynda Lys
Marty Hanna
Ray Akins