Honoring our Veterans with Representative Cecil Bell




The special program theme for October was “Honoring Our Veterans.”  There were twelve veterans present:  Roosevelt Alexander, Walter Anderson, George Higgs, Mayor Frank Jackson, Henry P. Kemp, Samuel Montgomery, Maurice Owens, Robert Poole, Seab Smith, George Walker, Louis Wells and   Lucius Wyatt.    Each veteran announced his branch of military service and gave brief comments about his experiences. Afterwards they were presented certificates of appreciation for their service to our country.  The presentation was followed by the famous recording “America, the Beautiful” by Ray Charles.The Legislative Committee led by Halcyon Watkins, Chairman, presented its program for the month.  The featured speaker was Texas State Representative Cecil Bell who explained each of the propositions that would appear on the November 3rd Election Ballot.  Concerning the open-gun-carry law on college campuses, Chairman Watkins suggested that the legislators should reconsider that issue in view of the emotional condition of many of our college students.