About Us

"To Serve Not to be Served"


Mrs. Anne Preston, a retired teacher at Prairie View, invited a group of retired teachers at Prairie View to her home on January 31, 1968 to discuss organizing a Retired Teachers Association.

The group agreed it was a good idea and decided to write twenty or more other retirees and invite them to join the organization.

These initial nine retirees that met at Mrs.  Preston's home on January 31, 1968  agreed to form an association.  The purpose of the organization was agreed on and the following people became the Charter Members:   Mrs. C. E. Carpenter, Dr. E. B. Evans, Mr. D. W. Martin, Mrs. Anne C. Preston, Mr. O. J. Thomas, Mrs. Bessie Thomas, Mr. H. R. Turner, Mrs. Lucellustine Wilson and Mrs. E. M. Galloway.


The Purpose:

1.  To enhance the quality of life for older persons.

2.  To promote independence, dignity and purpose for older persons.

3.  To lead in determining the role and place of older persons in society.

4.  To improve the image of aging.