Artemus Hancock, President

Welcome retirees and guests to Port Arthur Association of Retired School Personnel.


 Regular meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2:00 p.m.


          Memorial High School

          CATE Building, Room 153

          3501 Lucian Adams

          Port Arthur, TX

Refreshments are served after each meeting.




2016-2017 Meeting Dates and Program Themes:

09/13/16                 School District Update

10/06/16                 District V Fall Luncheon

10/11/16                 Legislative 

11/08/16                 Patriotic (District V President)           

12/13/16                 Children's Book Project/Luncheon    .

01/10/17                 Community Volunteer Services

02/14/17                 Retirement Education

03/14/17                 Informative and Protective Program

03/27-28/17           66th Convention (Legislative)

                                  Austin Hilton Hotel          

04/11/17                 Health Care

05/2017                   District Leadership Training

05/09/17                 TRTA Service Awards