Great Reasons to Join PRTA

     In 2013-2014:

  • PRTA gave over 10,000 books to local school children.
  • PRTA gave 3 college scholarships to high school students.
  • PRTA gave over 40,500 hours of volunteer service to the community.
  • PRTA walked over 38,800 miles in support of the state health program.
  • PRTA corresponded with legislators.
  • PRTA has programs on a very wide variety of topics.
  • PRTA enjoys reading with our 'Book Share'


In 2014-2015:

  • PRTA gave over 9000 books to local school children
  • PRTA gave 3 college scholarships to highschool students
  • PRTA  gave over 53,735 hours of volunterr service to the community
  • PRTA went to Austin participating in Rally Day, meeting with legislators to support legislation on the behalf of all Retire Texas Teachers
  • PRTA launched a letter writing/call your legislator campaign in support of Retired Teacher benefits
  • PRTA supports the Wayne Hendrick Foundation by volunteering tutorial time for students
  • PRTA travel committee was established based on our chapters members interests 
  • PRTA supports Title I school, Barron Elementary, students and teachers with supplies, treats and teacher support.


Remember Doors of Opportunity!