For over 17 years the PRTA Book Project has been a part of the Texas State Retired Teachers’ Book Project.  It is dedicated to creating lifelong readers through exposure to good literature.  Our goal is to provide books two to three times per year to underprivileged children enrolled in the Title 1 Reading Program in all Title 1 Elementary Schools in Plano.  These age appropriate books are for their personal use to keep and read, because these children often do not have books available in their homes.

Research shows that children who have their own personal books:
• Show accelerated growth in their reading and writing.
• Are more motivated to read other books.
• Are more likely to become lifelong readers.


The Book Project is handled by over 50 volunteer members of the Plano RTA.  The co-chairmen (3 members) secure grants and donations, purchase books, level books for age appropriateness, and contact the Title 1 teachers for the numbers of students in their schools.  Book Parties (20 members) are held to place Bookplates (where students can write their names) in each gifted book.  The Packing Team (9 members) counts out books for each grade level and then boxes them for each of the schools.  Book Delivery Ladies (19 members) then pick up the boxes for distribution to the 18 Title 1 schools.

Interested???  What can you do to help???

Several times per year the Book Project supplies approximately 3,200 elementary students with books.  With an ever-increasing demand, we anticipate that this number will grow during the coming school year.

Community involvement is integral to the success of our program.  Every dollar donated will be used for the purchase of books.  Each book purchased with donations will have a bookplate recognizing the generous donor.

Please help us build good readers, one book at a time!

Dinah Carter,, 214-763-3088
Ginny Barnard,,  214-250-0899
Gerry Haggard,, 972-424-7091