Volunteer Hours

Retired educators give millions of  dollars worth of volunteer hours, providing services which the state could/would never be able to provide. Counting these hours is a  way we demonstrate that we are contributing members of our community.  District XI is always outstanding!

Attendance at the Monthly Luncheon counts as volunteer hours!!!!!

You may count up to 12 hours a day as volunteer hours.   ANYTHING you do for someone else without pay, that they would otherwise have to pay for, can count.   Volunteer hours begin in January and end in December.  



      Examples of volunteer hours:

  • Retired Teacher Organization

  • Hospital Volunteer

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Church Work

  • Chauffeuring

  • Senior Citizen Volunteer

  • United Way

  • School Volunteer

  • Cancer Relay

  • Public Library

  • Babysitting Grandchildren

  • Caring for a sick relative or friend

Report your 2018 Volunteer Hours to Susan West.



  • Mineral Wells Center of Life helps people of Palo Pinto County alleviate poverty through faith, education and mentoring in finding long-term solutions. They now have an office located at 301 1st Ave. in Mineral Wells.  The Office is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday-Friday.  Tammy Lovell is looking for volunteers who can spend time at the office answering the phone.  The food pantry is located at Dunbar and also needs volunteers
If you would like to help, contact Tammy at 940-682-5044.