Welcome to North Harris County Association for Retired School Personnel

 Affiliated with Texas Retired Teachers Association



1.  To elevate the status of ALL retired school personnel.

2.  To encourage retired educators to use their talents, their training, and their experience in furthering the educational, social, and civic growth of the community, the state, and the nation.

3.  To afford opportunities for united action in solving problems relative to the needs of retired school personnel.

4.  To cooperate with the Texas Retired Teachers Association, and the appropriate professional organizations of the North Harris County Public Schools in solving problems of mutual concern.

5.  To give scholarships to high school graduates who plan to enter the teaching profession.


TRTA and Local Membership



1. Defined Benefits

2 The Legislators know that retired teachers are informed

3. TRTA has strong presence in Austin

4. No increase in insurance premiums

5. Great Discounts (AMBA) Ex. Travel Discounts (Cruises) out of Galveston as low as $199

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Remember: Each One Bring One! Dues - 35.00 Includes State $25.00 and Local $10.00 = $35.00 Checks payable to NHCARSP and mail to: Dianne Punch, 8107 Glenloch, Houston, Texas 77061-1007

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For additional information contact Angeline Lee, Technology 281.444.4680 or Dianne Punch 281.943.4895