November 19, 2015

Nacogdoches County Retired Teachers Association

Minutes from November 19, 2015


The Nacogdoches County Retired Teachers Association met on Thursday, November 19, 2015 at First Baptist Church at 10:00am for the regularly scheduled monthly meeting with President, Linda Metteaur presiding.

Linda welcomed the members and the visitors. Rayanne Bowker led the group in “God Bless America”. The pledges to the flags were led by Rita Lorio. A prayer was offered by George Morrison.

Minutes/Treasurer’s Report

Tona Clevenger, Secretary, provided copies of the minutes from the October meeting. The minutes were approved as written. Linda Mason, Treasurer, provided copies of the Treasurer’s Report. The balance as of October 31, 2015 was $8,007.01. The report was filed for audit.


Membership Report

Linda Metteaur reported that there are 276 +1 (277) members in the NCRTA. Charlotte Wooten joined at the October meeting.

Committee Reports

Member Benefits- Penny McDonald mentioned 3 new benefits from AMBA. They are: hearing aides, World Scholar-Education, and Veterinarian Pet Insurance.

Informative/Protective- Rayanne Bowker provided a handout with information about credit card scams and tips to follow when shopping at Fall Fairs/Carnivals.

HealthCare-Mary Beth Decuir reminded everyone to keep up with their Steps.

Volunteer Hours-Vonda Windham asked members to be sure to e-mail or call in their volunteer hours.


Rita Lorio introduced Charlotte Wooten. Charlotte discussed her plans to go on a mission trip to Tanzania in February. She needs $3,850 to make the trip. The purpose of the trip is to train the widows on healthcare and nutrition. The widows take orphans from the churches and try to raise them on their own.

Wayne Berryman was the main speaker for the meeting. Wayne pointed out there are several reasons why TRS-Care is not able to stay in the black. He said: 1) retirees are getting older and living longer, 2) salary of teachers, 3) large number of retirees, 4) health care keeps going up, 5) drugs/prescriptions are so expensive, and 6) those retired but not eligible for Medicare. The projection for 2017 is $1 billion in the hole.

The Texas Retired Teachers Retirement System is the 4th largest in the nation. Wayne encouraged the members to read e-mails from Tim Lee and keep up with the proposed changes. Be informed. Wayne also talked about the Federal Level and some changes that need to take place.

New Business

Officer Sign Up- Linda reminded everyone that Officers are needed for 2016-2017, and if you are interested in serving, then please call or e-mail her.

Convention- The State Convention will be held in Houston on April 10-12. Please let Linda know if you plan to attend.

Federation of Women- Rita mentioned that The Federation was planning a Tri-Centennial Celebration and was asking different groups/clubs to provide some type of Tri-Centennial activity. The Central Heights High School Drama Department will provide the program at the December meeting at the OUB. The Drama will be NCRTA’s contribution to the Tri-Centennial Celebration.

Old Business

OUB- Rita announced that anyone wanting to help decorate the OUB for Christmas to please contact her. She also announced that Connie and Beth plan to docent in November.

Exhibit at OUB- Children’s Christmas Books

Book Project- Rita Lorio- The “Book Project” is ready. Books will be delivered to the county schools in the spring.


A special thank you to the Hostesses: Leshia Bryant, Mary Ann Bentley, and Lottie Chatman.

Thanks to Linda Mason, Sandra Hoppe, and Sandra Webb for delivering Senior News.

November Senior News-Carolyn Gartman

Toy Drive- Thanks to those who participated in the Toy Drive. Vonda will deliver to Love, Inc.

December Senior News-Pris Krieg and Rita Lorio

Glad to see Gayle back with us.

Door Prize: Emily Morrison Pansy Hanging Basket

Present: 30                                                                                    Adjourned: 11:23am


Tona Clevenger, Secretary                           Approved___Corrected____by Committee_______

Linda Metteaur, President