December 17, 2015

Nacogdoches County Retired Teachers Association

Minutes from December 17, 2015


The Nacogdoches County Retired Teachers Association met on Thursday, December 17, 2015 at the Old University Building at 10:00am for the regularly scheduled monthly meeting. President, Linda Metteaur called the meeting to order at 10:00am.

Linda welcomed the members and guests. A prayer was offered by George Morrison. LaJuan Garrett led the group in several Christmas songs. The group sang “Silent Night,” “Joy to the World,” and “Jingle Bells.”


Rita Lorio introduced the Central Heights High School Thespians directed by Luke Russell. Each Thespian member introduced themselves and then the group did several humorous skits. Roan Saunders, President, gave a brief history of Nacogdoches to go along with the Tri-Centennial Celebration.  Roan then invited the NCRTA members to attend the play “Our Town” to be presented that night at Central Heights.

Minutes/Treasurer’s Report

Tona Clevenger, Secretary, provided copies of the November minutes. The minutes were approved as written. Linda Mason, Treasurer, provided copies of the November Treasurer’s Report. The balance as of November 30, 2015 was $7,368.29. Emily Morrison (Vonda) made the motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. The report was filed for audit.

Committee Reports

Volunteer Hours- Vonda reminded everyone to turn in Volunteer Hours. The deadline is February 1, 2016. The maximum hours you can count per day is 12 hours. Church work and babysitting grandchildren can also count. You can count the time you use to travel to and from your volunteer work. Don’t forget to count hours of volunteer service for your spouse if he/she is an Associate Member.

HealthCare-Although the total number of Steps is not mailed in to the state, our local unit does award the top person or persons at the end of the year. Please turn in your Steps. You can allow at least 2000 steps per day.

OUB – Rita reminded everyone to visit the exhibit at the OUB. Beth Decuir and Rita will be docents on December 23, 2015.

Book Project- Rita announced that the books are ready to be delivered. Sigh up for schools will be in April.

Pris and Rita will deliver Senior News in December.

Linda Metteaur reported that there are 278 members who have joined NCRTA.

Unfinished Business

Delegates are needed for the State Convention to be held in April. Let Linda know if you plan to attend the Convention. NCRTA pays for the registration, the banquet and ½ of the room rate. Tim Lee will be there with the latest update on the status of the HealthCare and pension information.

New Officers- Rita has agreed to serve as president in the next year. Think about being an officer. A nominating committee will be addressed at the January meeting.


Angelina Retired Teachers will have a spokesperson for TRS in January. Linda will let members know what date. Make plans to attend.

Connie Spreadbury – Connie announced that OUB has ornaments for sale. The price of the ornaments is $5.00 each. The ornaments would make good stocking stuffers.

Thanks to Sandra Webb and Sandra Hoppe for serving as hostesses.

Senior News- A special thank you to Carolyn Gartman and her family for delivering the Senior News in November.

The next meeting of NCRTA will be in January at First Baptist Church.

George Morrison blessed the food and then the meeting was adjourned for the Luncheon.

Door Prizes were announced at the luncheon. Those winning Poinsettias were: Vonda Windham, Rita Lorio, Joyce Hancock, Tricia Perkins and Penny McDonald.

Present: 26                                                                      Adjourned: 10:50am

Tona Clevenger, Secretary                            Approved_____Corrected____by Committee____

Linda Metteaur, President