Volunteers Hours

Remember to keep a record of your volunteer hours and turn them in to Tina Ratliff at each meeting.  She always has special door prizes for a lucky few! 

One of our goals is to increase the hours our retirees volunteer. Retired school employees provide millions of hours of volunteering. Keeping a record of these hours helps us to inform the public, and our representatives/politicians, that we do provide a considerable contribution to society, and are worthy of their consideration when we need something, like a cost of living adjustment to our annunity.

Helping at church, schools, hospitals, nursing homes; cooking for others, providing transportation for others, visiting sick family or friends are just a few of the ways we volunteer.

For more suggestions on creditable volunteer service hours, please refer to the KSRA Handbook.

District XII Community and Volunteer Services chairman, John Gallen of Copperas Cove, reported the the state wide total for volunteer hours in 2015 was

5,581,882 hours 

with a monetary value of


This was an increase of 5.3% over 2014 totals!

Local report for 2015 coming soon!