You're One ........ so Bring One!!

At 80,000+ members. Texas Retired Teachers Association is the LARGEST Retired Educator organization in the nation.  

Texans have always believed that "bigger is better!" so we are striving to continue growing to become an even better advocate for Texas Retired Teachers.

HAVE YOU PAID YOUR DUES FOR 2016 - 2017? If not, just come to the next meeting and take care of that!

Local Dues  $11 (paid local, stays local)

State dues $35 (paid local, sent to state)  

(This amount can be enrolled in "Diamond Plus" which charges your annuity less than $3 per month, and you are a permanent member of TRTA - no additional state renewals will be need - you will only have to pay the local $11 each year.)

Total cost of membership:  $46

What you get in return: maybe $$$ priceless


Efforts to encourage recruitment of new members:

The TRTA State Board approved some additional funding for awards to local units for recruitment of new members (previous members who return after an absence of 3 years from membership are considered new members).  These awards will be given at the District XII Spring Convention.

Local Unit Awards

*Caruso Award* 

(named for Steve Caruso, District XII Immediate Past President)

The local unit who recruits the largest number of NEW members to TRTA will receive $100 award.

*Mooney Award*

(named for Joy Mooney, Past Secretary and President of Hamilton RTA)

The local unit who has the largest percentage increase in NEW TRTA membership will receive a $100 Award

Individual Awards

(award goes to the member who recruits)

*Rothrock Award*

Named for Laura Rothrock, District XII President 2012 - 2012 and

currently President of Limestone County RTA

Each local unit will submit the name of their current member who recruited the most NEW members to TRTA.  One (of 13) names will be chosen at the Spring Convention in May, 2017 to receive a $100 award.

*Bylar Award*

Named for Nancy Bylar, TRTA President 2016 - 2018

This award is given to the local who has the largest percentage of retention of its members,  Percentage data needs to be sent to Earl Wall, District XII President, by March 1.  Membership verification for 2015 - 2016 and 2016 - 2017 will be requested.  Award is $100 to Local Unit.

President Wall's Challenge:

The Award of $100 will be given to the first member who can recruit 10 or more new members before March 1, 2017.

State Awards

Each One Bring One

Any member of a local who recruits a NEW member to TRTA shall be entered into a drawing for a $100 Award.  The Drawing will take place at the District XII Caucus at the TRTA State Convention on March 28.  NOTE:  The local President must submit their names to Patty Manley by March 1, 2016 on the "Each One Bring One" forms.

*Diamond Plus Award*

The local unit who has the most Diamond Plus members will be given an award.

Don't forget to pay your dues for 2016 - 2017 to make sure TRTA continues to advocate for all of us in Austin and Washington DC.