The Nitty Gritty Primary Election Information



When Rep. Farias resigned his position in the state legislature, it left his seat empty for the remainder of his term.  The election to fill that spot in House District 118 will be held on Jan. 26, 2016.  Early voting begins on Jan. 20 (Wed.) and ends on Jan. 22 (Friday).  The two candidates running to fill the remainder of the term are John Lujan (R) and Tomas Uresti (D).  This election is being held by the state and is not connected to the March 1st primaries.  Active and retired teachers living in HD 118 need to make sure they get out and vote.  The winner will be your representative and speak for you on educational issues for the remainder of the term previously held by Rep. Farias.  


On March 1st the Democrats and Republicans will hold a primary election to determine the candidates that will represent that party on the Nov. 2016 General Election ballot.  The other political parties in the state use other methods to determine their candidates.

As a registered voter, you may vote in either the Democrat or Republican Primary, but you may not vote in both primaries.  The primary you choose (Democrat or Republican) to vote in for these two primaries does not obligate you to vote for that party's candidates in the Nov. 2016 General Election.  You may vote for the candidate(s)--in the party of your choice in that election.

Note:  A run- off election is not uncommon when three or more candidates are running for the same position.  You can vote only in the run-off of the same party for which you voted in the Primary OR you can vote in the run-off in either party if you did not vote in the primary.

Early voting will begin on Feb. 16 and end on Feb. 26.  You should have received your blue voter registration card by now; if you have not received your voter registration card, please contact your county voter registration office.

So you don't want to wear out your voter registration card and you just want to wait and vote in the"real" November General Election? NOT A GOOD IDEA!  NEARLY EVERY POLITICAL RACE IN TEXAS WILL BE DECIDED DURING THE PRIMARY ELECTIONS IN MARCH!

Have a say in the person who will decide your pension and health benefits and what the value of public education is: be sure and vote in the primaries.