Ken Hanson's TRTA State Convention Report

Ken Hanson's Report

April 9, 2015
     Nola and I just returned from spending Monday, Tuesday and a part of Wednesday in Austin.  Parts of Monday and Tuesday were spent at the Austin Mariott where TRTA was holding its annual state convention.  I had the privilege of serving on a panel presenting membership information at one of the breakout sessions on Tuesday.  We had over 150 in attendance.  
      Red shirts were in abundance on the Capitol grounds on Wednesday. morning. The morning was set aside for those attending to visit with their legislators.  Irene and Sam Dubberly and Nola and I visited with Rep. Murr and Sen. Uresti.  Rep. Murr was in a meeting of a committee discussing transportation, but was gracious enough to leave the meeting, come back to the office, and spend a few minutes in a photo-op with us.  Rep. Murr is the Huajilla's Unit "Adopt a Legislator" legislator this year.  We presented him with a TRTA membership and made him an honorary member of the Huajilla Unit.  The photo was of us making the presentation to him.  We also left 5 small jars of Huajilla Honey provided by David Parks of Devine. Thank you notes  were attached to each container. We next visited Sen. Uresti's office.  Sen. Uresti was also in a meeting and we left the the jars of honey, with their thank you notes attached, with his secretary.  
      A time was set aside for TRTA members to be recognized in both chambers of the legislature.  The reception was very warm and many of the TX. Senators assured those attending they would take care of the needs of retired teachers.  A really pleasant and welcome surprise.
     At high noon(good title for a movie) the red shirt people moved out to a tent where a rally was held and ice cream was served.
     Bottom line to all of this--things seem to be going really well.  Money has been added to patch TRS-Care for another two years in both versions of the budget bill.  When the budget conference committee meets to hash out the differences between the two budget bills, it will hopefully still be there.  We still need to be cautious as we have a way to go before the session is over. A 13th check and protecting SB 1458 are still on the table before this session is over.
      I know TRTA and Dist. 20 appreciate those that took the time to attend the TRTA Day at the Capitol.  I hope  you also left Austin feeling good about the reception you received from your legislator.
  Ken Hanson--Dist. 20 Legislative Chair
  919 CR 245
  Hondo, TX. 78861

NOTE: This e-mail goes to many superintendents located in Dist. 20.  While we can focus on just teacher retirement issues, they not only must advocate positive programs, but they must also defend against many bills that would not be helpful to active educators.  I know many of you know the superintendent in your district, stop by some time and pat them on the back for the job they do.  I am sure this time of the year they view retirement fondly.