October 2014 Meeting


Rosemary Bendele opened the October 27, 2014 meeting of the Huajilla Unit held at the Hondo United Methodist Church, welcoming the 61 members and guest speaker, using the “Ed Winnie” bell to call the meeting to order.  She thanked Nola and Ken Hanson and Cathy Mechler, among others, for setting up this meeting.

After the pledges to the US and Texas flags, Lewis Stroud offered the prayer.  Kay Shultz gave a historical background to the Woodie Guthrie song, “This Land is Your Land, ” which was written as a sort of ‘rebuttal’ to “God Bless America,” reading little known stanzas, then led the group in a lively rendition of the song.

President Bendele ceded the floor to Ken Hanson, Legislative Chair, to introduce our guest speaker, Andrew Murr, the Republican candidate and heir apparent to the State District 53 seat in the Legislature.  Mr. Murr offered his personal and political background: a native and graduate of Junction High, a graduate of A&M with an Ag degree and a teaching certificate attained with his required stint in student teaching, and a law degree from Texas Tech.  Prior to running for Harvey Hilderbran’s seat, Murr was Kimble County Judge and with his wife, who is a substitute teacher, owns a title company and practices law.  After his presentation, Murr entertained several questions related to his views on several  issues facing the Legislature: TRS Care for retirees, COLA for retirees, school funding, school choice, and vouchers. Ken Hanson presented Murr with a jar of Huajilla honey for his morning tea.

Hanson gave a brief summary of the District 20 meeting in Boerne; he again warned of the Empower Texas PAC which is still pushing to demolish “defined benefits,” and implored members to vote.  Hanson also encouraged members volunteer with the Food Pantry and the food truck deliveries in our communities.

Secretary Irene Dubberly presented the minutes and Bruce Simpson gave his Treasurer’s report. Simpson added that the unit has made its contribution to District 20 for the Foundation Program.  As to membership numbers, although the state shows Huajilla Unit with 200 members, the number is closer to 120.

Lola Hill, Book Committee requested funds for the book drive; Brown and Blue Santas and the Bluebonnet groups will be at the November meeting to receive books from the Huajilla Unit.  Bendele also advised that every Thursday, The Hondo Thrift Store has a box of free children’s books.

Bendele asked that members interested in running for office should contact any member of the Nominations Committee Lewis Stroud, Rose Scholtz, or Sissy Bell.

Charles Carlson, Scholarship Committee Chair, suggested that March be designated scholarship contribution meeting, although members may contribute to that fund through memorials and other donations at any time.

Cathy Mechler, Membership Chair, asked that members participate in the “Each One Bring One” initiative to encourage membership growth and be eligible for a prize at the end of the year.

Prior to using the “Ed Winnie” bell, to adjourn the meeting, Bendele announced that the next meeting will be November 17 at the Devine Methodist Church Hall.  She and others recognized Jean Sexton and Terry Schlueling, who were back after health issues, as well as Gerry Bridges, who is scheduled for more medical procedures.   After adjournment, members enjoyed a meal catered by Seco Secrets.