March 2015 Meeting

Huajilla Unit TRTA March 2015 Meeting

President Rosemary Bendele presided over the Huajilla Unit of TRTA monthly meeting and luncheon on held on Monday, March 23, 2015, beginning at 10 AM at Neal’s Lodge in Concan.  After the pledges to the flags, Charles Carlson offered the prayer.  President Bendele welcomed the 63 members present and thanked Gerry Bridges and the Frio members in charge of setting up this meeting

Gerry Bridges first thanked the members for the cards, prayers and messages she received during her medical situation, then she introduced guest speaker Charles Carlson, former administrator at Hondo High School and Meyer Elementary.

Carlson, intrigued with the “six degrees of separation” (since morphed into the game “six degrees of Kevin Bacon) related how everyone can establish a connection to any famous or infamous individual with six or fewer links.  While reading The Gun That Wasn’t There by retired lawman Russell Smith, which relates the true story of an elusive and mysterious “Caveman” bandit who terrorized the Leakey, Frio Canyon and Garner area before moving his misdeeds to the Dryden-Langtry-Pumpville area, Carlson became increasingly mindful of the “degrees of separation” with the characters. While revealing an extremely interesting  and sometimes comedic summary of the novel, Carlson related the connection to each of the numerous characters, many connected to familiar names of families in the Frio Canyon, Hondo and Del Rio areas where the Carlsons have resided.  Members were intrigued enough not only with reading the novel, but many of them added their own experience with the story.

After his presentation, President Bendele presented Charles and Kathy Carlson with an appreciation gift of Huajilla Honey.  Carlson, a professional and published photographer, donated one of his photos taken of the Frio by Neal’s Cafe: Jim Rigby from Pearsall was the lucky winner.

During the business session, the minutes were approved and Treasurer Bruce Simpson reported on the unit’s financial status, indicating that the unit has sufficient funds for two scholarship awards. 

Scholarship chair, Charles Carlson, reported that scholarship applications have been distributed to the local high schools and the committee will review the applications in late April; he also informed the group that Kay Shultz has been added to the Scholarship Committee.

Legislative Chair, Ken Hanson is scheduled for a conference call later this week and will be apprised of the bills which have survived the Legislative session.  Some of these include possible funds to help the deficit to avoid increased health insurance costs for retirees,  and the possibility of a COLA increase or 13th check for those who retired between 2005 and 2013. Representative Murr has filed no bills related to education; however, Sen. Uresti has filed 60 bills, some of which address education.  More specific details will be relayed to members through email.  On the national front, the US Congress has been toying with varying solutions to the WEP, but no outcome is predicted at this time.

President Bendele informed the members that the Executive Committee made the decision this summer to designate Sam and Irene Dubberly as delegates to the State TRTA Convention set for April 6-8 in Austin.  In addition to a limited business session and workshops, the principal activity will be the TRTA Red Shirt Day at the Capitol, with members visiting with elected officials and their staff.  Ken and Nola Hanson will also participate in the rally. 

Nominating Committee members Sissy Bell and Rose Scholtz reported that Irene Dubberly has been nominated for President, Linda Perkins will be candidate for Secretary, and Sam Dubberly will run for Treasurer.  Kathy Carlson’s name was submitted to fill the 2nd Vice President position.  Members are asked to consider filling the 1st Vice President position and think about serving on the unit committees.  Election of officers will be conducted at the April meeting. 

Prior to adjournment, Kay Shultz led in the singing or “America.”  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned and was followed by lunch.  The next meeting will be on April 27 beginning at 10 AM at St. Dominic’s Hall in D’Hanis with a meal catered by Seco Secrets.