2014-2015 MEETINGS

Huajilla Members, keep an eye out for the meeting schedule which will come to you in a post card sometime in mid-August.  Tape this information on your wall, put it on your fridge door with one of your vacation magnets, jot it down on your calendar, put it in your datebook, or enter it on your smart phone calendar.

All Huajilla Unit meetings are scheduled to begin at 10 AM on either the 3rd or 4th Monday of the month.  Business will be conducted at each meeting and a program will follow.  All meetings will offer a restaurant meal or catered luncheon. Guests are always welcomed.

In previous years, there had been no November meeting, however, this year, the December meeting will be taken out and there will be a November meeting.

Members are encouraged to participate in the "Each One Bring One" TRTA initiative, inviting those who have retired from education to join the Huajilla Unit. If you know of members who have not been active, or a retired educators who have not yet joined TRTA, invite them to the meeting! 

The first meeting of the year will be on September 22, 2014

at Sammy's Restaurant in Castroville

beginning at 10 AM.