VOLUNTEERS Are the Heart of TRTA!


Volunteerism is the principle of donating time and energy for the benefit of other people in the community as a social responsibility rather than for any financial reward.

TRTA members reported donating 5,803,250 Volunteer Hours to their communities in the 2018-19 year. The approximate monetary value of those hours is $135,796,050. HCRSPA members volunteered 51,258 of those hours for an approximate value of $1,199,437.

Numbers Do Count...in public relations with taxpayers!

Numbers Do Count. . . . with Legislators when the value of 
education retirees' volunteerism is considered during
legislative negotiations!

There is Value in Volunteering!

 To help you have a better idea about the different ways you can volunteer, here's a link
to a downloadable list of Suggestions for Volunteer Opportunities:

Click HERE for Page 1
Click HERE for Page 2

And you want to make sure all of your Volunteer Hours are counted, so get into the habit
of noting your Volunteer Hours on your calendar every day (maximum of 12 hours per day).  The hours are reported from January 1 - December 31 each year, so go back right
now and mark your hours-to-date on your calendar.

Then at the end of each month, go ahead and total the hours and record the monthly total
for that month on the Individual Hours of Community Volunteer Service Form.  To 
download a printable copy of that Form, click HERE.

Questions?  Contact -

Anna Fay Wicker,
HCRSPA Community Volunteer Service Committee Chair


"If it is to be, it is up to me."