About Us

Mission Statement

Henderson County Retired School Personnel Association:

  • shall promote professional, intellectual, and physical well-being of its members;
  • shall promote partnership with schools in addressing mentoring and providing stimulus and incentives in reading;
  • shall encourage and provide support for those entering the field of teaching;
  • shall encourage volunteer opportunities in the community; and
  • shall provide advocacy for improved retirement benefits for all public and higher education retirees.



(Originally compiled by the late Flarra Larkin for the 1992-93 yearbook; updated yearly)
On September 25, 1974, sixteen retired teachers met in the youth room of the
United Methodist Church in Athens for the purpose of organizing a local chapter of the
Texas Retired Teachers Association.
The sixteen (now deceased) charter members were:
Frankie Dunn Lucy Dee McElhany
Melvin Dunn Florence McElhany
Annie B. Ellis Cornelia Martin
Maurine Conner Fay Owen
Dessie Gartrell Joe Owen
Flarra Larkin Lora B. Smith
H. G. Larkin Virgil Smith
Clayton McElhany Zora Stegall

 By the time the yearbook was printed that first year, there were 27 members.
Officers were Frankie Dunn, President; Flarra Larkin, Vice-President; Lora B. Smith, Recording
Secretary; Lucy Dee McElhany, Corresponding Secretary and Historian; Maurine Conner, Treasurer;
Fay Owen, Assistant Treasurer; Frankie Pickens, Parliamentarian; Cornelia Martin, Chaplain.

The charter was presented by Mrs. Thelma Hays, State Director of East Texas, in January 1975.
That first year closed with a banquet at the Spanish Trace Inn with county retiring teachers as 
honored guests and an installation of officers for 1975-76.  By this time, there were 55 members.

Membership has grown from the 16 charter members in 1974 to 201 members in May, 2016.