Diamond Plus Membership

To find your closest local unit, please contact TRTA or you may visit the local unit directory.

TRTA offers three easy ways to join!
Option 1 - Monthly payroll deduction $2.92 (Diamond Plus Program)
You must receive a TRS annuity to enroll. Complete the TRS form 593 along with the enrollment form

Option 2 - Monthly bank draft $2.92 (Diamond Plus Program)
Attach a voided check and the enrollment form.

Option 3 - Annual dues $35.00
Complete the enrollment form and include check or credit card information.

TRTA membership year is July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014. There are two membership designations: regular and associate. If you are a retired public school district or higher educational institution employee, you are regular member. If you are a person who is interested in retiree or educational issues, such as a friend or a spouse of a member, you are an associate member.

What is the TRTA Diamond Plus Program? To learn more about the program visit www.trtadiamondplus.org. The program provides TRTA member with:

  • A permanent membership card
  • Personalized attention
  • Frequent email updates about TRTA legislative issues
  • Eligibility for quarterly prize drawings
  • Additional discounts for products and services
  • Hassle-free membership renewals (no more paper renewals!)
  • Free subscription to the Before the Bell online Texas education blog (email required)

Mail form(s) to:
Texas Retired Teachers Association
313 E.12th Street, Suite 200
Austin, TX  78701-1957

2014-2015 Membership Enrollment Form 
(Fill online, print and mail to TRTA)

TRS Association Dues Payroll Deduction authorization 
Print and mail to TRTA - TRS retirees only)

Note: All forms are in Adobe Acrobat reader, you may download it for free here.