We are so glad you are here and we invite you to come and join the Galveston Retired Teachers Association! 

          Who:     Retired School Personnel, Spouses & Friends

          What:    Galveston Retired Teachers Association

          When:    2nd Thursday of each month (September - May)...12:00


          Where:   Golden Corral - 6300 Seawall Boulevard, Galveston, TX.

          Why:       The benefits are immeasurable.  We offer special

                           presentations featuring TRTA officers, elected officials,

                           government employees and community entertainers. 

                           Our web pages keep members informed about current

                            activities.  Opportunities for volunteerism and fellowship

                            are also available.

The Membership Fee is $40 ($25 for state - TRTA and $15 for local).  Contact Beverly Jackson-Brown (409-744-9281 or Bajb@peoplepc.com) or Irene Young (409-763-2136) for additional information.