L to R: Pat Larson, Secretary; Mary Ann Dolezal, Parliamentarian; Cathy Duvall, Treasurer; Evelyn Smith, 1st VP; Roberta Prater, 2nd VP;
Kathaleen Eppler, President
We meet on the second Thursday of the month at 

Sugar Land United Methodist Church
431 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, TX 77478


TRTA Dues:  $35   Local Unit Dues:  $10. 

Send your  check for dues payable to FBHRE


Cathleen Duvall 

7131 Trailbrook Drive

Sugar Land, TX 77459


Access membership form by clicking on Forms in navigation bar at top of this page.




Regular Meetings 1 PM

Luncheon Dates Begin at 11 AM

with Business Meeting


May 12 -  11 AM – Gerry Aiken, MFAH Docent, "Art in Bloom.”

Book Project Raffle. 


Who Are We?


We are active, involved, retired educators who meet monthly to...

  • Encourage the economic, intellectual, social, and physical well being of our members.
  • Promote educational excellence by providing books for children.
  • Encourage volunteer opportunities.
  • Support legislation favorable to retired and active school personnel.
  • Enjoy each other's company.


To locate the church where we meet, click on this link:


On the Sugar Land United Methodist Church website is a road map.  We meet in the Great Hall on the north side of the church on the second Thursday of the month at 1 P.M. unless otherwise noted.  Exception:  August,  December, and May luncheon meetings begin at 11 A.M.

How to join TRTA and FBHRE or to renew your membership:

Click on this link to join or to renew your TRTA  membership: 

http://trta.org/membership/join-trta or go to the navigation bar at the top of this page and click on "Membership"  to access membership forms.  Follow the directions on these forms.

TRTA dues are $35.

To join Fort Bend-Harris Retired Educators, attend one of our meetings and pay $10 local dues or mail your $10 check to Duvall, Cathleen 7131 Trailbrook Dr. Sugar Land 77479 713-206-2733 cmduvall@aol.com

Please encourage your fellow retirees, friends, and colleagues to become  members or associate members of TRTA as we work to protect your TRS Pension Program and your TRS-Care health insurance program.  Your spouse or someone who is interested in education and desires to promote the interests of TRTA and FBHRE may become an associate member of TRTA and FBHRE.


Fort Bend-Harris Retired Educators was established in 2001.  It is an affiliate of the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA). 

                                    History of Fort Bend-Harris Retired Educators

      Fort Bend-Harris Retired Educators Association was organized January 19, 2001, under the direction of Verita Stansfield, District IV President.  The TRTA Certificate of Affiliation was issued April 1, 2001. Those organizing the unit were:  Bill Moore, Pat Toland, Marsha Sachs, Anna Lou Thurman, Betty Johnson, Sam Bass, Melanie Everson, Betty Tourcotte, Ann Brasher, Joyce Hensarling, Lou Hans and Julia Hamilton. First elected officers of Fort. Bend-Harris Retired Educators Association were  President: Pat Toland; 1st Vice President; Anna Lou Thurman; 2nd Vice President Sam Bass;  Secretary, Julia Hamilton; and Treasurer, Marsha Sachs.   Committee Chairs were Historian, Betty Turcotte; Legislative, Sue Johnson; and Community Volunteer Services, Shirley Renfrow.  In 2001, TRTA had a state membership of 47, 000 members and Fort. Bend-Harris had a beginning membership of 24 and received a $300 grant from the state and $5 rebate for each new member. Meetings were held in the Board Room of the Fort Bend ISD Administration Building.  Local dues were $10 and state dues were $25. In order to publicize the unit, FBHREA gave certificates to new retirees at the Fort Bend ISD May, 2001, Awards Banquet that included information on how to join Fort. Bend-Harris Retired Educators.  By May 1, 2001, FBREA had a membership of 36.

         Fort  Bend-Harris hosted the first recognition luncheon for new retirees on August 15, 2002.  Since its inception,, the membership has risen to 350.

         The first year, April, 2001, Sam Bass attended the TRTA State Annual Meeting, and the following year, the TRTA State Annual Meeting was held in Waco; and the President Pat Toland attended and was recognized as president of a new local unit.  Pat Toland has held District IV offices; been District IV President; TRTA President’s Council Secretary and  TRTA State Board member.  FBHREA members that have served as District IV committee chairmen are Anna Lou Thurman, Health Care; and Mary Ann Dolezal, Health Care.  Our members have actively participated in many District IV  and TRTA state activities.

         In 2011, the name was shortened to Fort Bend-Harris Retired Educators to conform to TRTA's list of  local units.  TRTA had listed the local unit as Fort Bend-Harris Retired Educators from the start. Rather than petition for name change to add "Association," the FBHRE executive board decided to conform to TRTA's list.

   Fort Bend Harris-Harris Retired Educators' mission is to promote the professional, economic, intellectual, social, and healthy well-being of retired school personnel.  It stays in touch with its members through telephone calls, e-mail, newsletters, and personal invitations to all its activities.  Fort Bend-Harris provides information about retirement, TRTA state projects, and new progressive programs and activities for its members. Programs at monthly meetings during the year include the following:   reports and information on TRTA's legislative actions and planning for retirees, TRS-Care Insurance, TRTA benefits, financial planning, recreational and vacation planning, health, retirement education, forums for FBISD Board of Trustee candidates and for State Senators and Representatives, luncheons, and special entertainment, and fellowship.  

          Fort Bend-Harris Retired Educators is actively involved in the community. Participating in  the TRTA Children’s Book Project,  the unit selects an FBISD elementary  school to receive new or gently used books members have donated during the year.   Members also engage in various volunteer services in Fort Bend County.