Welcome to Everman Area Retired School Employees Association


Dr. Joe Bean with Pat Brady, Delretha Randel, Bev Nabors, Gerald and Sherry Cumby attended the District XI Spring Leadership Training. Not pictured but present were Pat Bean, Barbara Harrell, Marilyn Tweddale and Dolores Harmon. 

WELCOME TO EARSEA: Established in 1997
Join the Texas Retired Teachers Association and Everman Area RSEA for $45.  The 2016-2017 TRTA Membership Enrollment form can be found by clicking on Forms on the menu bar.  Print form, choose one of three options for paying state dues. An easy way to become a continual state member is to complete Form 593 for $2.92 Monthly Payroll Deduction from TRS.  Or, $2.92 Monthly Bank Draft may be used by including a voided check with your membership enrollment form.  Print and complete the "WE WANT YOU TO JOIN" form and send the form(s) and check made payable to EARSEA to our Membership Chairman: Dolores Harmon, 3600 Spring Grove Dr., Bedford, TX 76021.

VOLUNTEERS:  Please log your volunteer hours daily/weekly in a date book and record them each month on the form provided by  Marilyn Tweddale, Community Volunteer Service Chairman. A form is included in your Yearbook.Our goal is to have 100% of our members to report volunteer hours for 2016.   

Retirees are encouraged to get up and move in order to remain  physically fit.  Joyce Stephens,  Health Care Chairman, will be offering tips at each meeting to consider appropriating for a healthy lifestyle. 

1.  Volunteer to be a telephone caller. 
2.  Contact school employees who have not joined TRTA/EARSEA.  Be a part of  "Each One, Bring One".
3.  Write a newspaper article for the local paper; include a photo of someone exercising or volunteering in the community.        
4.  Send handwritten notes to legislators thanking them for the work that will be done during the Legislative Session. Remind them that our concern remains for the TRS-Care fund so that premiums do not increase.  It is of utmost importance that the TRS Defined Benefit Pension Plan remain as is; as opposed to a Defined Contribution Pension Plan.     


1.   Retain the identity of retired school employees and evaluate the status of retired school  employees.
2.   Encourage retired school employees to use their training and experience in furthering the educational, social, civic,      and spiritual growth of the community, state, nation, and world.
3.  Afford opportunities for united action in solving the problems and meeting the needs of retired school employees.
4.  Assist TRTA to promote the passage of legislation beneficial to retired school employees.
5.  Foster good fellowship among school employees.

6.  Cooperate with TRTA and the National Retired Teachers Association.



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