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Ennis Retired School Personnel Association

Serving Eastern Ellis County & Surrounding Areas


President - JoAnn Muirhead


Vice-President - BettyAnn Blazek


Second Vice President  - Lori Little 


Third Vice-President - Janet Raburn


Treasurer - Linda Lott


Secretary - Juanita McBee


Legislative Chair -  Pat Cody-Warren


Membership Chair—BettyAnn Blazek


Parliamentarian — Bob Taylor


Local Historian - Kay Weathers


Foundation Representative - Lindy Fincher


Local Health Care Chair - Sara Price


Info/Protective Services Chair - Benita Miller


Member Benefits - Betty Taylor


Technology Contact - Kay Weathers


Benevolence - Sara Price


District and State TRTA Events

District 10 Fall Conference
October 28, 2019

Dallas Baptist University
3000 Mountain Creek Parkway
Dallas, Texas

What went on this year?

Conference reviewed the past year's events. Reminded everyone how important it is to vote. More teachers than ever turned out. That’s how active teachers got a pay raise and we received the 13th check. Voted on new district officers. There was a memorial ceremony with president of each organization calling the name of deceased member. A continental style breakfast was provided along with a delicious buffet lunch. 

Officers attending Fall Conference 2019 include: 
L-R: Lindy Fincher, JoAnn Muirhead,
Lori Little, Linda Lott, and Sara Price.


District 10 Fall Conference
October 22, 2018
Monday 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Registration 9:00 a.m.

Dallas Baptist University
3000 Mountain Creek Parkway
Dallas, Texas

VaLois Hounsel, District President

District and State TRTA Events
Attended by ERSPA

TRTA District 10
Spring Leadership Development Conference
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Monday, April 23, 2018

Lovers Lane United Methodist Church 
Dallas, TX 

Working for all of us on this day are:
(seated) Lindy Fincher, Carol Mraz, Ron Mraz,
(standing) Jo Ann Muirhead, and Linda Lott!


TRTA District 10 President, Thalia Matherson's
call to order and welcome.

Patricia Macias, TRTA 1st Vice President, speaker --
 Patricia is next year’s TRTA President! 


TRTA Annual Convention April 2018
April 8 - 10

San Antonio, Texas


Ennis Retired School Personnel Association representatives and delegates to this Convention this year are Dave and Cindy Lovelace. THANKS go to Dave and Cindy for going the extra miles for us!

The Convention is being held in San Antonio April 8 – 10th with nearly 1,000 retirees registered. This year’s theme, “Preserving the Past; Securing the Future,” focuses on maintaining and improving Texas public education retirees’ hard-earned benefits, such as health care and pension fund.


Councilman from San Antonio


Tim Lee


Dan Patrick


Dan Patrick slides....




TRTA District 10 Spring Leadership Conference

April 24, 2017

@Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Dallas



Attending and participating in this conference for ERSPA are L to R: (back row) Linda Lott, Carol Mraz, Sara Price, Jo Ann Muirhead; (front row) Betty Taylor, Bob Taylor, Bill Chapman, and Betty Ann Blazek.

We do appreciate and applaud this wonderful group for representing us so very well! We just know they are learning more things that will make us even better.


March 29, 2017

was the

Texas Retired Teachers Association Day at the Capitol

 TRTA IS THE VOICE FOR EDUCATION RETIREES, and they and we wanted to be seen and heard that day!


Pictured here are Pat Cody-Warren with Tim Lee and his 7 year old son & 3 Arlington retirees: Lyn Buck who taught at Austin Elementary School in mid 80’s with Troy Selzer as principal, Judy Snodgrass, and Polly Walton! They are in the State Senate room 3rd floor! Thanks, Pat!

Quote from a retiree that could not go in person, but certainly was doing her part to make a difference.

 “I wish all of you at Rally Day a safe productive trip. I am praying too. God Bless You ! I was at Jr high yesterday for STAAr testing and reminded many, including new teachers, what is happening.”

Keep TRS Care Affordable

TRTA 64th Annual Convention

March 27-28, 2017

Attending and representing us very well at the State Convention were:

Dave and Cindy Lovelace.

They both recommended that we all check out the feature on the TRTA website.   TEXERCISE

More information from Dave and Cindy about the State Convention is being reported in the April 6th meeting minutes.

THANKS Dave and Cindy!

You two are the best!!!


District 10 Fall Conference

October 10, 2016

The TRTA District X Fall Convention was held Monday, October 10, 2016. The meeting was held at The Lovers Lane United Methodist Church.

ERSPA group was hard at work at the District Conference in Dallas. Attendees included:

(left to right below) Jo Ann Muirhead, Sarah Price, Jerry Norman, Bill Chapman, Pat Cody-Warren, Carol Mraz, Betty Taylor, and Bob Taylor!


Keep up the good work!!! We appreciate all that you do for us!

Twenty of the Legislators and their opponents in the November Election were to be visiting their constituents at the tables. Our guests answered questions about the priorities of TRTA.


"1. The TRS Care Insurance is in crisis at this time, do you have a suggestion for a solution for the lack of funding for the program?

2. We realize the huge increase in the cost of healthcare is creating a large shortfall in funds. What steps can be taken to fund this shortfall without retirees having to experience drastically increased premiums to pay for this shortfall of $1.5 Billion.

3. What will you do to insure the sustainability of The TRS Care Insurance Program?

4. Do you support keeping the Defined Benefit Pension Plan as we have enjoyed because of the well managed Plan by TRS.

5. TRS and TRTA have a priority to protect the Defined Benefit Pension for PRESENT, AND FUTURE retirees. How can you insure us that will continue to be a reality?"


District 10 Meeting

Allen, Texas

May 2, 2016


Present for the District 10 meeting in Allen, Texas were: Bill Chapman, Carol Mraz, Ron Mraz, Betty Ann Blazek, Jo Ann Muirhead, and Sara Price. 


Our own Carol Mraz serves as District 10 Foundation Chairman!


Carol presented her annual report at the meeting!


Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication to ERSPA!

TRTA Annual Convention

April 2016

The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) 63rd Annual TRTA Convention is being held in Houston April 10-12, 2016.

“This year’s theme, “Hearts of Texas: TRTA Proud,” focuses on the strength and dedication of TRTA’s 257 local units and their homegrown, grassroots advocacy.”

ERSPA is being well represented! Check out the pictures that they have sent to us!


Above...L to R: Bill Chapman, Betty Ann Blazek, Lisa Wright, and a friend they met!


Above...L to R: Betty Ann Blazek, TRTA's Tim Lee, Bill Chapman, and Lisa Wright!


Above...L to R: Betty Ann, Bill and Lisa with Memorial Flowers that are dedicated in memory of deceased members from all districts. There is one rose for each district that lost a member.






Above...Susie Humphreys was the Keynote Speaker. First pic is her on stage; then here she is laughing and laughing as she makes her listeners do, too! She is autographing books in this last picture.




TRTA Fall Convention

October 12, 2015


Ennis RSPA at Frisco ISD on October 12th for the TRTA District 10 Fall Convention! Having Fun; meeting new people; renewing acquaintances! Having sweets and coffee, too!


Attending are: JoAnn Muirhead, Sara Price, Bill Chapman, Ron and Carol Mraz, Jerry Norman, and Denise Massengill.




Thank you all for being there to represent us! Let us know how we measure up with the other units! We appreciate all of you!


TRTA 62nd Annual

Convention News!


The 62nd Annual TRTA Convention continued on April 7, 2015, in Austin with training and informational sessions! Ennis Retired School Personnel Association has been well represented by three of our hard working members: (left to right below) Lindy Fincher, Carol Mraz, and Brenda Hogue. 

Wednesday morning (4/8/2015) at Austin with Rep. John Wray. Way to go! Keep up the good work for us Carol, Lindy, and Brenda!


A report from our three ERSPA Voting reps in Austin:

"Lindy, Brenda, Carol made their trip to
Austin safely with Ron Mraz doing the
driving in the silver bullet! Actually we
did travel by car, but wondered what
kind of impact we would have made if
we pulled up to the Capitol in this style
of vehicle."

"We represented Ennis well we believe." 

("We did meet and talked to John Wray and
the staff of Brian Birdwell. Even though we
had an appointment with Senator Birdwell,
he was called to the floor for a vote, so we
had to settle with talking to his staff only.")
-Carol  :-(
"Finally it was down to the business of
attending the district 10 caucus
meeting, plus getting counted and
verified for voting. We joined the rest
of the 939 other delegates to hear the
latest Legislative news from Tim Lee
and vote on resolutions. The
Convention was over, but not our work.
We attended Rally Day along with well
over 1000 other retired teachers,"
- Carol, via text message  
  "We learned all we could as we
participated in the breakout sessions
that covered so many topics; leadership,
health, exercise, and history."

"Finally we had a chance to enjoy art work of students from throughout the state 

and then pose for one last picture standing on the steps of the Capitol."

"There were 936 delegates at the
Convention and well over 1000 TRTA
members attending Rally Day."

"This was a wonderful experience for us, and we hope that another group from ERSPA will plan to attend the TRTA State Convention in Houston next year."


"Thank you for allowing us to represent you at the Convention." -Carol, Lindy, & Brenda



District 10 Fall Convention

@ Frisco I.S.D.

October 13, 2014


Our group with 2014 Republican 

State Representative candidate John Wray!

L to R: Carol Mraz, Jerry Norman, John Wray, & Lindy Fincher!



Getting ready to learn even more!

 Jerry just cannot put the reading material down! 

District X events for 2013-2014

May 5, 2014   Spring Leadership Conference - FUMC, Allen

 Here are our so very active team of leaders who worked at this important meeting! Most likely they will have brought back new ideas and methods for us all. We appreciate them so much for keeping us up to date!

Left to Right: Bob Taylor, Betty Taylor, Laurie Taylor-Clark, Carol Mraz, and Ron Mraz. 


Lunch happened……..more people were met!