President's Comments


I would like to welcome each of you to READ. We are dedicated to assuring TRTA remains a vital voice for the retired school employees of Texas. TRTA is the largest association in the nation for Retired Education Personnel. As a group of professionals we want to remain strong in the efforts to keep TRTA a vital voice before the legislature.
As you well know this past legislative session was not pro education. However, despite that fact TRTA has remained a strong advocate for its members. 

READ has been involved in the Children’s Book Project which provides the opportunity for less fortunate children to receive books. Cheryl Coyle is in charge of this worthwhile project at the local level. Since the state began the project over 330,000 books have been placed into the hands of children who otherwise might never have a book of their own. Each of us will be given the opportunity at each meeting to bring books or donate funds to secure books.

Educators are great volunteers and we have an opportunity to report our volunteer hours at the local level.  Karen Watkins is the coordinator of the Community Volunteer Service. Each time you volunteer for projects in our community make note of your hours and give them to Karen at the appropriate time. Recent figures show that TRTA Members provided over 5 million volunteer hours in one year at a value of $20.25 per hour. Remember every hour counts.

Remember the local officers need your assistance to make our organization strong. We welcome your suggestions and assistance.

Jo Stroebel
Retired Educators Association of Dumas