Welcome to the Castleberry School Retirees Association web site.

Who to contact about membership:  Louis Pastusek - phone (817) 307-4981 - email address lpastusek@hotmail.com

When we meet:  second Thursdays of September, December, March, May, and other called meetings at 11:00 am

Where we meet:  on different campuses of Castleberry ISD 

What our programs are about:  important information about pertinent topics that are relevant to retirees

Meetings 2018-19

September 6 Castleberry ISD Administration Building, 5228 Ohio Garden Rd., River Oaks 76114

December 6 Castleberry High School, 215 Churchill Rd., FW 76114

March 5 Irma Marsh Middle School, 415 Hagg Dr., River Oaks 76114

May 16 Joy James Elementary, 5300 Buchanan St., FW 76114


1.  Talk to your legislators!

Build relationships with your legislators NOW.  In 2018-19 we are asking them to help us with the impending shortfall to TRS-Care.

2.  Sign up for Tim Lee's Inside Line

Sign up for Tim Lee's email newsletter and stay informed by receiving regular weekly updates.  Learn how to sign up by visiting www.trta.org.

3.  Communicate with your fellow TRTA members. 

Join a local unit.  Get your fellow members involved in the fight.

4.  Reach out to retirees who are not members. 

Talk to them about the TRS-Care shortfall and tell them we need their help.  The stronger we are as an organization, the better the outcome will be for all of those affected by the TRS-Care crisis.

5.  Engage with active educators in your area.

TRTA live facebook link. You do not need a Facebook account to see the posts or click on the links to see the full news stories.