2016-2017 Meeting Dates and Details

Unless otherwise indicated all meetings are at the First Presbyterian Church at 904 19th Street in Canyon.

September 9, 2016       5:30 p.m.
Program: Adult Literacy Council
Presenter: Terri Wilson  
Caterer/Meal: Dyer's BBQ (beef & sausage with trimmings)
October 14, 2016          5:30 p.m.
Program: The Art of Growing Pumpkins
Presenter: Matthew Rainwater 
Caterer/Meal: Home Plate Diner (roast beef/grilled chicken)
November 11, 2016       5:30 p.m.  
Program: Scams and Fraud 
Presenter: Colby Gatlin, Happy State Bank   
Caterer/Meal: Chicken Express (tenders and trimmings) 
December 9, 2016        5:30 p.m.    
Program: Christmas Music
Presenter: Elementary Choir from Reeves-Hinger Elementary, Kim  
                 Hernandez, Music Instructor
Caterer/Meal: Rosa's Café (beef or chicken soft tacos) 
January 13, 2017         5:30 p.m.   
Program: Medicare Fraud 
Presenter: Lauri McAfee  
Caterer/Meal: Ribs'n More (BBQ beef and ham with trimmings) 
February 19, 2017         5:30 p.m.    
Program: Old Time Gospel Music  
Presenter: Robert Byrd 
Caterer/Meal Youngblood's Café (chicken fried steak dinner) 
March 10, 2017         5:30 p.m. 
Program: Panhandle Plains Historical Museum  
Presenter: Carol Lovelady, Interim Director PPHM    
Caterer/Meal: Chicken Express (tenders and trimmings) 
April 14, 2017      5:30 p.m.   
Program: Preventive Services, Medicare Health Benefits  
Presenter: Lauri McAfee   
Caterer/Meal: Rosa's Café (beef/chicken enchiladas with trimmings)  
May 12, 2017       5:30 p.m.  
Program: Installation of Officers and Annual Awards  
Caterer/Meal: Scholtzsky's (sandwich tray, chips and cookies)