Membership and Goals

Welcome to the website.  Please join us for a meeting. Below are the goals and membership requirements.



Cooke County Retired School Personnel (CCRSP)

Gainesville, TX

Any retired school personnel or spouse who is an annuitant or any person who is interested in education shall be eligible to become a member of CCRSP upon payment of dues.


GOALS FOR 2018-2019

1. Support the Texas and National Retired Teachers Association.

2. Safeguard the Texas Retirement System and be actively involved in all legislation affection the system and retired school personnel.

3. Use our talents, training and experience in educational and spiritual advancement of our community.

4. Seek continuous growth and fulfillment in our own lives.

5. Make our meetings a time of learning and fellowship for all members.

6. Extend personal attention to retired persons unable to attend our meetings.

7. See prospective members.

8. Get involved.

9. Be a volunteer.