The Seymour/Baylor Co. ARSP involves retired school personnel living in Baylor County.  Our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, September through May at 10:00 a.m.  Our meeting are usually held at the SISD Admin building or at the Baylor County Museum.  All retired school personnel who live in Baylor County are encouraged to attend our meetings.

Meetings include fellowship and programs of particular interest to us as retirees.  Our local ARSP and the TRTA are intersted in actions taken by the Texas Legislature and US Congress that affect education and/ or retired educators.  We make a concerted effort to stay informed and involved in the legislative process.

Schedule of Meetings

Your participation in TRTA and with this local unit is greatly appreciated. If you have not yet joined TRTA or your local unit, please contact the TRTA office at 1.800.880.1650. State membership information and a membership application form can be viewed by clicking here.

TRTA is a service organization that works to protect and improve your TRS benefits. Thank you for your interest in the association's activities and check back soon for news on this local unit.

 Volunteer Work is an important part of our organization.  The link is a list of the many activities that count toward Volunteer Hours.  Please keep count of your volunteer hours so Billye Jean can turn them in December.  The Texas Retired Teachers Association uses total volunteer hours from local affiliates in the their efforts to convice the state legislature that retired teachers deserve a COLA increase.  The lagislators are impressed that retired educators continue to serve their community without pay by volunteering.  Even one hour can make a difference in the lives of others.  Please keep track of the number of monthly volunteer hours you provide to any organization or cause.  If you are helping some organization or individual(s) that is not a family member and not getting paid, then you can count your time as volunteering.

Walks-a-Million is the state-wide program encouraging members to get healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Any exercise you do is of benefit.  I have a list of Mileage Equivalent activities you use to keep track.