WSRSEA Committees for 2019-2020


Committee Chairman Purpose


Glenda Burton

To keep members updated regarding legislation that affects retired school employees


Judy Nelson

To keep records of the activities and projects accomplished by WSRSEA.

Community Volunteer

Lillian Blackburn

To encourage, promote. and keep record of hours of  community service accomplished by WSRSEA members.

Healthy Living

Gloria Wilson

To provide the latest information regarding healthy living for adults.

Retirement Education

Mary Sue Shipman

To provide information to education employees regarding retirement seminars and other information to help with retirement.

Member Benefits

Jerry Bryant

To provide updated information regarding eligibility for benefits through TRTA and other sources

TRTF Foundation

Betty Wright

To let members know about TRTF:  The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to provide resources for retired TRS annuitants, as well as active and beginning teachers.


Judy McKee

To share love and sunshine with members in the forms of get-well cards, etc.


Eleanor Ball

To keep up with Roberts' Rules of Order.