February 17, 2020 Meeting


State Representative Brooks Landgraf receiving a            Esther Sofge and Ann Becker at the sign-in table.
 "thank you" cake for supporting our retirees
supplemental annuity check for 2019.


December 2019 Meeting


President Sara Easley.                                                      Sandra Ramage drew names for the door prizes.


Door prize winners.

Melody Drinkard (left) and friends gave program of Christmas music.


Rick Chandler gave Treasurer's report.                            Marilyn Andjulis gave Scholarship Committee report.

Carol Horton gave Thought for the day.




Meeting attendees.

November 2019 Meeting


Speaker Rickey George, Director of Environmental            Melody Drinkard led us in song at a memorial service
Code Enforcement, with President Sara Easley.                 for several members who recently passed away.

First Vice-President Sandra Ramage draws numbers for floor prizes.

September 16, 2019 Meeting

The Odessa Retired Teachers met September 16 at the Highland United Methodist Church for the first meeting of the 2019 - 2020 year. New member Melody Drinkard, newly retired music teacher from ECISD is pictured below.


April 26, 2019 - District 18 Spring Leadership Development Conference