F  U  T  U  R  E        E  V  E  N  T  S



        February  8                      District 18 Retirement Education Seminar, 2nd Saturday
                                                 in February, Midland's Bowie Fine Arts Academy Auditorium,
                                                 on A Street, (office 803 Elk Street), registration and snacks at
                                                  8:30 a.m., Seminar from 9 to 12 noon. Register online at the
                                                  TRTA District 18 web site. (Visit https://www.trtadistrict18.org
                                                   and click the link:   Retirement Seminar 2020 registration).
                                                   Deadline  to register is February 6, 2020. OR call or text
                                                   432-416-7229.  Bring a clipboard.

        April  6 -8                         TRTA State Convention, Corpus Christi 
                                                 Read all about it in your third quarter 2019
                                                 THE VOICE.        CONVENTION  CANCELED

        May 5                              District Spring Leadership Conference at Region 18 ESC,
                                                Leroy Dehaven, TRTA First Vice President is speaker.

        Oct 20                             District Fall Conference at Region 18 ESC ,
                                                Patricia Macias, TRTA President is speaker.



Odessa RT/SPA is a member of Odessa Forum.    Forum meets four times a year. 
ORT/SPA  members are eligible to attend.   The meetings are held at Westminster Presbyterian
Church.  A lunch is served for $10 each.  Reservations are required.  If you make a reservation
but do not keep it you still will be required to pay for it.  The 2019 - 20 meeting dates are as

shown here:                          

            September 20, October 18, 2019
            February 21, 2020,  March 6 is Law Enforcement/Fire Protection Appreciation Day,
            and April 17.   Registration is at 11 a.m., and lunch is served at 11:30. 


TRS MEMBER EDUCATION VIDEOS COMING SOON              TRS is introducing a new series of videos designed to generally explain your TRS pension plan benefits.  The following videos are planned to be released as they become available:  
            Welcome to Membership
                    Naming a Beneficiary 
                           Employment After Retirement
                               Selecting a Retirement Benefit Option
                                     Purchasing Service Credit
                                           Disability Retirement 


    * Go to TRS website for videos HERE