The annual visit to District 18 by TRTA Executive Director  Tim Lee will be August 16 in
Midland, hosted by the Midland local unit at the First Baptist Church.  Lunch will be served, 
and reservations will be necessary.  President Lauri Farber will need a head count of those
planning to attend about one week before the meeting.  More information will be available
soon.  Keep your eye on this web  site and our local unit Newsletter.  This is always a good meeting when Tim brings us up to date on legislative matters concerning our annuity and our health care.
Most local units will have members there.

Fall Convention for TRTA District 18 will be held September  28 at Region 18 ESC. 

          Registration will be at 8:30 a.m.,  and the convention will start at 9 a.m. and conclude about 3 p.m.   All local unit members are welcome to attend this meeting.  You will learn a lot about  TRTA.  District  officers will be installed.  Lunch will be served at a small cost.  Reservations are needed.
More information will be coming soon.  Please plan to attend this meeting.



TRS MEMBER EDUCATION VIDEOS COMING SOON              TRS is introducing a new series of videos designed to generally explain your TRS pension plan benefits.  The following videos are planned to be released during 2018 as they become available:  
            Welcome to Membership
                    Naming a Beneficiary 
                           Employment After Retirement
                               Selecting a Retirement Benefit Option
                                     Purchasing Service Credit
                                           Disability Retirement 

    * Go to TRS website for videos HERE

FOR YOUR INFORMATION   Annuity payment schedule:  July 2018 payday is July 31
                                                                                             August payday is  August 31





Odessa Retired Teachers/School Personnel Association
Odessa Regional Medical Center Community Room
Spring Luncheon and Instillation of Officers 2018-2020
May 4, 2018 Minutes

12:00 p.m. President Mary Reeves welcomed members and guests.
Thought for the Day entitled "A Life of Giving" was presented by Kathy Chandler.
Dist. 18 President Rick Chandler led the pledges to the flags.
Carol Horton offered the blessing before lunch was served.
Treasurer Marcus Ramage gave the treasurer's report with a bank balance of $15,885.03, the book project balance of $683.86 and the memorial fund $113 from contributions/gifts.
Secretary Marilyn Andjulis read the minutes for the April 16, 2018 meeting/approved.
1st Vice Pres. Sara Easley gave the current membership report for 2018-2019 of 191 and 6 new members to the association.

Old business: none; New business: none.
Drawings and winners: Healthy Living (Steps) Sande McAdams; Volunteers Hrs. La Nelle Agee; Attendance: Marilyn Andjulis; Recognition of May birthday: Charlotte Ward.
Mary Reeves recognized Elizabeth Barlow as the Volunteer of ORT/SPA in 2017-2018 with 790 hrs. Our local unit gave 7,692 volunteer hours with 42 members participating.

The Installation of Officers was conducted by La Nelle Agee as follows:
President - Lauri Farber (to be instilled later)
1st Vice President - Sara Easley
2nd Vice President - Karen Telck
Treasurer - Marcus Ramage
Secretary - Sande McAdams

Door Prizes were won by Karen Telck, Jannine Seymour, Arlyene Ragan, Jayanell Mills, Ola Pride, Marcus Ramage, Lou Ann Rabe, and Nannette Kelton.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 p.m. with 37 attending.



Your District 18 Newsletter
April 23, 2018

Welcome from District 18. Is everyone trying to keep up with all the events that have happened? It was great seeing all the Local Delegates at the TRTA State Convention in San Antonio at the La Cantera Resort and Spa. TRTA out did itself again with all the wonderful events and great information. If you were not able to attend this year, please start planning your trip for the next convention in Austin that includes Rally Day with the legislators. 

Your Executive Board, District Officers, District Committee Chairs, and Local Unit Presidents had a meeting at the Centennial Library in Midland on April 16, 2018, to plan for the District 18 Spring Leadership Development Conference to be held at Region 18 Education Service Center on May 11th from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The Conference will include training all officers and committee chairs in the district and local units. If you are an officer or committee chair this training is for you so please make plans to sign up and be there. If you are thinking about an office or committee position, please attend so you can find out about the duties of the positions.  Our organization needs you. The Spring Leadership Conference emphasizes team building throughout the district and state. The lunch will be catered so we will need you to sign up before May 4th to be sure there will be enough food for everyone.  Training breakout sessions will be presented by the delegates of the state convention or the present member(s) in that position. Please make your plans to attend with your local units so a head count can be determined to get material ready.

Review of the State Convention

The twenty District Presidents met at 2:00 pm on Sunday, April 8th with Nancy Byler. She provided great information to present to the delegates in the caucus later that day.  Tim Lee, our executive director, informed all members about the opening ceremonies surprise Speaker, Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick. The twenty district presidents now represents over 88,200 TRTA retired educators across the state of Texas.

District 18 delegates and attendees met for the caucus on Sunday, April 8th at 4:45 pm to discuss the schedules, the breakout sessions, and the proposed amendments to the state bylaws. The drawing for the “Each One Bring One” membership drive was won in District 18 by Tommy Dittberner from Andrews/Gaines County Retired School Employees Association.  Everyone start bringing in those new members for the 2018-2019 year so you can win the $100.00 drawing in 2019. The group was then off to meet and greet at the evening reception.

Monday, April 9th started with the Opening Ceremonies, Breakout Sessions, Luncheon, and more Breakout Sessions. The Evening started with a fantastic dinner and the Big Band Sound Gala until around 10 pm. The E. L. Gaylean Service Award Recipient was Dr. William “Corky” Pence. 

Tuesday, April 10th brought everyone together at the Stilwell Breakfast then off to the First House of Delegates until it was time for the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation Luncheon and then back to the Second House of Delegates. 
The installation of officers at the state level included: 
    President:                          Patricia Macias
    First Vice-President:          Leroy Dehaven
    Second Vice-President:     Marcy Cann
    Secretary/Treasurer:         Ella Gauthier (Pronounced GoShay)

There were seven proposed amendments to the State Bylaws to be passed or opposed. Amendment 1, 2, and 3 were not passed and amendments 3,4,5,6, and 7 were passed. 
Nancy Byler did a great job rounding up all 1022 delegates for all the meetings. 
Austin, District 13, invited everyone to the 66th State Convention to be held Sunday, March 31 through Tuesday, April 2 at the Hilton Austin, located at 500 E 4th Street. ROAR during Rally Day at the Capitol while the 86th session of the Texas Legislature is in session. Mark your calendars and start planning this event now. 

District Presidents from the 20 districts across Texas will meet in Austin July 9, 10, and 11, 2018, for training and setting future district conference dates. 
One date set last year is September 28, 2018 for the District 18 Fall Conference at Region 18 ESC located at 2811 La Force Blvd, Midland, TX.  Time is 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.  Our TRTA guest speaker will be Marcy Cann. 

The next legislative session will be crucial for our pension and health care. Our organization of 88,200 TRTA members represents the interests of approximately 325,000 Texas Retired School Employees. Your opinions need to be voiced to the legislators that control your pension COLA’S and your insurance premiums. During the 2019 Legislative session, TRS may be asking for another 300 to 500 Million just to keep the TRS Care on an even scale. 

Just last week the TRS Board could not come to a decision to change the assumption fee rate to be dropped from 8% to either 7.25% or 7.5%.  We were told this does not impact our current annuity but would impact any future (COLA’s)—Cost of Living Adjustments or thirteenth check in a negative way.  It would be much harder to approve the increases in the above for many years if the assumption rate is decreased from the 8%. Tim Lee, The TRTA Executive Director, writes an excellent newsletter, The Inside Line, that you can access on the TRTA Website, trta.org.  Please read and stay updated to all the possible changes and how the changes will affect your pension and insurance. 

District 18 is very fortunate that our legislators support active educators and retired school personnel but they need to be constantly reminded that TRS has not been able to give a COLA in approximately thirteen years and the insurance premiums have greatly increased due to lack of legislative funding to TRS. Do not let your legislators forget about you! The Texas Tribune is a good source to access on line to find out what is happening in our legislature? 

District 18 Local Unit Members please let me know what you would like to see in the District Newsletters. Information from your local units would help spread the good events coming out of your local units. Any special visitors, any legislators, any superintendents, pictures of your activities, and all good things being planned to happen in your organization.  

New District 18 officers to be installed at the May 11th event for 2018-2020 are:
    District 18 President                      
Ricky Chandler         Odessa RT/SPA
    District 18 1st Vice-President         Lauri Farber             Odessa RT/SPA
    District 18 2nd Vice-President        Kaye Barr                 Big Spring ARTA
    District 18 Treasurer                      Shirley Johnson        Andrews/Gaines Cnty RTEA
    District 18 Secretary                      
Phyllis Anderson       Crane REA

Your TRTA organization needs you to serve in your local unit and we need you to serve in district 18 also. Please do what you can to make it happen!

If you know a member who does not go on line, please share the TRTA information with them. It is vital to our health as an organization that everyone stays informed about what is happening to our pensions, health care, local units, district units, and state organization. 

                        Ricky Chandler, District 18 President
                        5205 Redbud Ave
                        Odessa, TX  79762



Refreshments were served at 1:00 p.m.  with hostesses Elsie Mohler, Lou Ann Rabe, Elaine Davisson, Elizabeth McCrone, and Esther Sofge
President Mary Reeves called the meeting to order at  1:30.  She welcomed Geneva Aicinena.
Second Vice-Pres.  Karen  Telck introduced Dr. Michael Buzbee.  He presented an informative program on macular degeneration.  

The Thought for the Day was  given by  Mary Reeves and the pledges were led by Mary Alice Ramos.
The minutes  by Secretary Marilyn Andjulis were approved as printed.
Treasurer Marcus Ramage gave the treasurer’s report as of March 31, 2018 with a bank balance of $8,053.98.  Book Project Bal. $333.86 and the Foundation Bal. -0-.  State dues for  2018-2019 will be paid out of the bank balance.  The Book Project and the Foundation balances are through individual contributions.  No money is used from dues paid by active  members.  State dues are $35.00 and local ORT/SPA are $10.00.

First Vice President Sara Easley gave a membership report and reminded members of the Dist. 18 Leadership  Training  Meeting at Region 18 ESC May 11, 2018.
Convention delegates from ORT/SPA gave reports on their meetings.  The delegates were Marcus and Sandra Ramage, Elizabeth McCrone, Sara Easley and Karen Telck.   Kathy Chandler was an alternate delegate.

New Business:  Carol Horton read a recommendation for a memorial fund to be funded by contributions and gifts.  The scholarship fund committee had passed the deadline in February for submitting names.  Elaine Davisson made a motion to table the scholarship and the motion was seconded by Elizabeth McCrone.  Rick Chandler gave a legislative report on seven amendments proposed to  the State TRTA  Bylaws.

Drawings:  Volunteer Hrs., Nannette Kelton; Health Care, Helen Kirk; Attendance, Marcus Ramage and Birthday Month, Mary Alice Ramos.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.
Marilyn Andjulis, Secretary



Vol. XVII  No. 6:  March  19,  2018


Northside Senior Citizens Center             1225 North Adams Avenue

Refreshments:   1 p.m.   Program:  1:30 p.m.

Program:   Retired Teachers Service Dogs,  Cheri Hensley

Thought of the Day:   Kathy Chandler

Hostesses:   Marjorie MacMurdo, Doris Givens, Sandra Ramage

Pledges to the Flags:   Priscilla Hyson

President’s Corner:   Mary Reeves, President

The ORT/SPA  March spring membership drive is ready to be kicked off this month, so let all of your friends know about all the good things that Odessa RT/SPA does for education.  The current membership total for 2017-2018 is less than 300.  We need to work hard for 2018-2019 to increase our membership total.   Let’s all work hard to increase our attendance at the monthly  meetings.   If you have not attended a monthly meeting, let March 19, 2018 be the first.  Let us see you and your friends there.

You will find your new membership card for 2018-2019 included with this newsletter.   Please fill in the information on the card and enclose your check for both the local dues ($10) and state dues ($35).   If you pay your state dues by payroll deduction (continuous membership) please just send your  $10 local dues with the enclosed card or bring to the next monthly meeting.   The dues run from March 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019.   Please include your email address on your membership card; if you do not have an email address,  just indicate none. 

The State TRTA Convention is April 8-10 in San Antonio.   Delegates appointed in January are the following:   Marcus Ramage , Sandra Ramage, Sara Easley, Libby McCrone and Karen Telck.   Kathy Chandler is an alternate.   Any member may attend the state convention at their own expense.
Dates to Remember:

April 16 – Monthly Meeting                                                 May  4 -   Spring Luncheon and  Installa-
                Macular Degeneration, Dr. Michael Buzbee                        tion of  new officers
May 11 – District 18 Spring Leadership Conference 
               at Region 18 Education Service  Center

Deaths of Members:   

    Joellen Hill, Dec. 9, 2017                                                        
    Rowena Byrd,  Jan. 25, 2018                                                 

Deaths of Friends of Education:

   Maurine Nealy, Jan. 7, 2018                                             Anna Paredes, Jan. 23, 2018
   Janice Finley, Jan. 19, 2018                                             George Capps, Jr., Jan 27, 2018
   Betty Smith, Jan. 22, 2018                                                Billie Woodard, Jan. 29, 2018
   Beasley Williams, Jan. 30, 2018                                       Maxine Allmond, Feb. 4, 2018



President Reeves called the meeting to order  at  1:30 p.m., welcoming visitors and making announcements.  Karen Telck, 2nd Vice Pres.  Introduced Heather Massey, Regional Director of the Better Business Bureau, who brought a program on scam phone calls and scams on social media. The Thought for the Day was brought by Libby McCrone on the subject of Friendship.  Sherry Pomroy led the pledges.

The minutes were approved as corrected.  The Treasurer’s report showed a bank balance of $10,051.17.  Expenses of $500 per state convention delegate will be paid to the delegates.  The Foundation balance is $203, and this amount  will be presented to the Foundation at the state convention.  The Book Project has a balance of $88.86; Karen Telck , project chairman, is collecting donations.

Sara Easley, 1st Vice Pres ., reported current local membership of 271 members.  She reminded us that the 2028-2019 membership drive begins March 1.  State TRTA dues are $35 and local unit dues are $10.

Rick Chandler, District 18 Pres.,  gave a legislative report.  Priscilla Hyson, Scholarship Chair, reminded member of the $500 scholarship to be given to a student going into the field of education.  See the Bylaws for the scholarship rules.

Drawings:  Volunteer hours, Dr. Thomas Dynneson; Health Care, Judy Herron; Attendance, Ola Pride; Birthday Month, Arlyne Ragan.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.  with 32 in attendance.