Fall Convention for TRTA District 18 will be held September  28 at Region 18 ESC. 

          Registration will be at 8:30 a.m.,  and the convention will start at 9 a.m. and conclude about 2 p.m.   All local unit members are welcome to attend this meeting.  You will learn a lot about  TRTA.    Lunch will be served at a small cost.  Reservations are needed.  Marcy Cann, TRTA Second
Vice President, will be our speaker.  More information will be coming soon.  Please plan to attend this meeting.  First VP Sara Easley will be taking the names of those members who plan to attend.  Call Sara Easley, 425-0678, if you did not sign up, but would like to attend as  there is a deadline to sign up.


           Odessa RT/SPA is a member of Odessa Forum. 
  Forum meets four times a year. 
ORT/SPA  members are eligible to attend.   The meetings are held at Westminster Presbyterian
Church.  A lunch is served for $10 each.  Reservations are required.  If you make a reservation
but do not keep it you still will be required to pay for it.  The 2018-19 meeting dates are as

shown here: 
            September 15, October 19, 2018
            February 15, 2019,  March 1 is Law Enforcement/Fire Protection Appreciation Day,
            and April 19.   Registration is at 11 a.m., and lunch is served at 11:30.   



TRS MEMBER EDUCATION VIDEOS COMING SOON              TRS is introducing a new series of videos designed to generally explain your TRS pension plan benefits.  The following videos are planned to be released during 2018 as they become available:  
            Welcome to Membership
                    Naming a Beneficiary 
                           Employment After Retirement
                               Selecting a Retirement Benefit Option
                                     Purchasing Service Credit
                                           Disability Retirement 


    * Go to TRS website for videos HERE

FOR YOUR INFORMATION   Annuity payment schedule:  
                                                                                             August payday is  August 31
                                                                                  September payday is September xx
                                                                                           October payday is October xx
                                                                                    November payday is November xx
                                                                                    December payday is December xx