2010 to Present

The Recent Years:  2010 - present

New leadership marked the opening of the 2010-11 year. Newly elected officers were Mary Widmier, President; Carolyn Monroe, 1st Vice-President; Nancy Rogers, 2nd Vice-President; Glenna Bagley, Secretary; and Carol Parten, Treasurer. The year was an active one with many officers and other members attending the state and district conventions and traveling to Austin to meet with state Senators and Representatives regarding the proposed state budget and other legislation affecting retirees.   Membership continued to be near 500 and meeting attendance grew to 100 or more members at each meeting so we truly appreciated having the ISC as our meeting site!  Scholarship recipients for the year were Ruth Elizabeth Lee, Kingwood Park High School and Sara Michelle Miniuth, Kingwood High School.  Donations were made to the Humble ISD Adult Literacy Program and to the Humble ISD Educational Foundation for teacher grants. The HEART of HARTA Award went to Pete and Jackie Hinojosa for their tireless work with the Social Committee.

Members elected all officers to return for the 2011-12 year. Although the Leadership Team remained the same, there were many “new faces” appearing as committee chairs and members of working committees. The year was an exciting and interesting one with new programs, new tours and outings, and our involvement in helping our own District 4 in hosting the State TRTA Convention at the Westin Galleria in Houston.  More than 25 members worked as volunteers and attended convention events.  HARTA was delighted when Glenda Chapman and Jeanette Guidry, representing the former organization of HESP (Humble Educational Support Personnel), announced a donation of $8770.  This was a transfer of funds from the HESP accounts to the HARTA Scholarship Fund.  For the first time in the history of our organization we were fortunate to have a truly healthy balance in May, 2012 of more than $16,700.  Thank You, HESP!!!   Scholarships of $1500 each were awarded to Kirsten White from Summer Creek High School and Faith Moore from Atascocita High School.  The HEART of HARTA award went to Karen Seay for her many years in coordinating our trips and tours.  

Officers for 2012-13 were President Carolyn Monroe, 1st Vice-President Carolyn Mashburn, 2nd Vice-President Faith Hiller, Secretary Susan Burroughs and Treasurer Carol Parten. These officers adopted the motto “Keep Calm and Carry On.”  During this year HARTA members turned out with other retirees across the state to lobby for and succeed in receiving a 3% increase in the annuities of those who retired before 2004.  Membership continued to grow and HARTA received the TRTA District 4 award for the most increase in membership. We began looking for ways to raise money for scholarships and conducted a highly successful raffle which cleared $2,970.20.  Scholarship winners for 2012-13 were Victoryah Watkins from Humble High and Jennifer Frericks from Kingwood High.  

2013-14 marked a change in Bylaws to allow for a 3rd Vice-President (for Programs), thereby allowing the 1st Vice-President to focus on membership and recruitment.   Officers were President-Carolyn Monroe; 1st Vice-President-Susan Burroughs; 2nd Vice-President-Karen Geffert; 3rd Vice-President- Carolyn Mashburn; Secretary-Faith Hiller; and Treasurer-John Widmier.  Our day trips and tours increased in both numbers and popularity and we added our 1st week-long trip with Road Scholars to the beautiful area around Sedona, AZ and the Grand Canyon.  We researched ways to become a 501 (c)(3) organization and offer tax-exempt status for donations.   The decision was made to join Humble ISD’s Education Foundation.  Under this agreement funds that HARTA places in the Foundation are ear-marked for scholarships and grants for the benefit of students, employees, or programs within Humble ISD.  Scholarship winners for 2013-14 were Jonathan Lee Resby from Summer Creek High School and Allison Guerro-Prat from Kingwood Park High School.   Mary Lou Schouweiler received the HEART of HARTA award for her outstanding work as editor of the HARTA newsletter.

In 2014-15 another change in leadership was seen with Susan Burroughs-President; Kathy Joseph-1st Vice-President (membership); Sandye Nelson-2nd Vice-President (public relations); Carolyn Mashburn-3rd Vice-President (programs); Faith Hiller-Secretary; and John Widmier (assisted by Janet Orth) as Treasurer.    The year was marked by an increase in membership, well-attended meetings, interesting programs and tours, a book drive netting 463 books that went to three area elementary schools, and a new adventure when 33 members and friends enjoyed a Caribbean cruise!  Our HARTA Foundation account continued to grow with the receipt of a generous donation from the family of past-president Carolyn Monroe.  HARTA members were active in the legislative session, convincing our representatives and senators to provide funding for health care plans for the next two years.   Past-president Mary Widmier was appointed to the TRTA Board of Directors as the State Historian.   Student scholarships were awarded to Madeline Zapata of Humble High School and Ty Countryman from Kingwood High School. Carolyn Monroe was honored with the HEART of HARTA award for her many contributions to the success of HARTA and many years in leadership roles.

During 2015-16 many officers were elected to continue in their same offices.   Exceptions were Marjo Stach elected as 3rd Vice-President; Carolyn Mashburn assuming the office of Secretary; and Janet Orth elected as Treasurer.  The year was marked by many successful programs, a Road Scholar trip to Natchez, continued focus on hearings related to the repeal of WEP, and the involvement of many HARTA members as volunteers with the 63rd Annual TRTA State Convention in Houston.     HARTA gave out 13 scholarships and awards to active teachers through the Humble ISD Foundation.   The awards assisted educators working on advanced degrees, certifications, or going to conferences to enhance their knowledge and skills.  In addition, a new committee, Readers Love Teachers, put children’s books (donated by our members) into the hands of local school children. The students nominated teachers who had inspired them, and 4 teachers were chosen to receive awards and gift certificates.  Student Scholarships were awarded to Jordin Maye from Atascocita High School and Jordan Eley from Kingwood Park High School. 

During 2016-2017 new officers were elected. Carolyn Mashburn become president, Marian Mannix assumed duties as 1st VP/membership, Kathy Joseph was elected 2nd, VP/book drive/PR, while Betty Coburn took over the secretary duties. Continuing were Marjo Stach as 3rd VP/programs and Janet Orth as treasurer. Gayle Noll and Faith Hiller co-chaired the highlight of the year, a Retirement Seminar featuring a TRS guest speaker and attended by over 300 soon-to-be-retirees. The year was marked by many successful programs, monthly local bus outings, a Road Scholar trip to Santa Fe and Taos, continued focus on legislation, especially related to TRS Care, and the involvement of many HARTA members lobbying at the 64th Annual TRTA State Convention in Austin. HARTA continued giving scholarships and awards to active teachers through the Humble ISD Foundation, paying conference or workshop registrations and college tuition for further degrees.   The Readers Love Teachers outreach continued, and 4 additional teachers received awards. At monthly meeting charity drives, HARTA supplied the VA hospital, HAAM, and the Society of St. Stephens with needed goods. A student scholarship was awarded to Ariah Watson from Summer Creek High School. 

For 2017-2018 several members were elected to continue in their same offices: Carolyn Mashburn, president, Marion Mannix, membership vice president, and Betty Coburn secretary. Newly elected officers were Cathy Shepheard, 2nd VP books and PR, Pat Kahak, 3rd VP programs, and Marjo Stach treasurer. After a successful salad luncheon and first meeting, Hurricane Harvey hit our area hard on August 27, 2017 bringing widespread flooding. Many of our members found themselves flooded and homeless; the rest of our members pitched in to help. We made and delivered meals, mucked out and cleaned homes, removed dry wall, did laundry, and offered our homes to the displaced. HARTA became a refugee, too, because the school district building in which we met flooded.  The executive board scrambled to find a suitable spot to host our 100+ members monthly and will be forever grateful to Italiano’s restaurant for offering their hall, providing monthly drinks, and catering both our December and May meetings. Thanks Italiano’s! Despite our challenges, the year was marked by outstanding programs, monthly bus outings, a Road Scholar trip to Lafayette, and legislative action. Political candidates attended many of our meetings. We participated actively in TRTA at the district and state level. HARTA former president Mary Widmier was elected president of District 4. A full contingent of delegates attended the 65th state convention in San Antonio. HARTA increased scholarships to high school seniors and continued those to active educators. Readers Love Teachers awarded 8 Teachers of the Month and attended four community events. Monthly meeting donations supported HAAM, Oaks of Righteousness, Society of St. Stephens, and the VA hospital.