Helpful Contacts

Contacting Elected Officials and Organizations that Represent Us

Most helpful in finding the names and addresses of elected legislators and state school board representatives is the site By going to the section "Who Represents Me?" and entering your address, you are given your U.S. Senators' and Representative's, your state Senator's and Representative's, and your State Board of Education Member's contact information. This site will also lead you to the websites of these elected officials. Since our membership is represented by several different districts, this site is also provided in the general HARTA Membership Handbook.

Other important contact information:

Our website:

Texas Retired Teachers Association - has a wealth of information and you can email Tim Lee, our Executive Director, at with questions.

Teacher Retirement System -

Download a voter registration card: This will take you to the Texas Secretary of State site. You can then click on Request a Voter Registration Application , and under Informal Application , you click "open this form".


If you don't have a computer, or if you want to make a phone call:

Call Washington, D.C. and ask for your Senator or Representative- 1-866-327-8670 1-866-327-8670.

During the Legislative Session, call TRTA Toll-Free Hotline for TRS issues at 1-877-880-1651 1-877-880-1651.


Computers are available for use, free-of-charge, at our local libraries and community colleges.