Upon payment of dues, any retired school employee or any person interested in education may become a member of this Association.  

Total dues are $40.00.  State TRTA dues are $35.00 and Local WSRSEA dues are $5.00.  Dues may be paid by payroll deduction,  at the local unit meeting, or mailed to:

Gloria Long, Treasurer

Any member who attains the age of ninety (90) shall no longer be required to pay local dues.




Paula Ponder                                                                          


Donations   (Optional)

Every year WSRSEA accepts donations for three areas:

Book Project:  Money for new or "gently loved" books for children in Early Childhood Education in WSISD.

Foundation Project:  The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to provide resources for retired TRS annuitants, as well as active and beginning teachers.Scholarship Project:

Scholarship Project:  This projects provides a scholarship of $1000.00 to a graduating senior at Brewer High School.

Three envelopes are passed at meetings, and members may donate as they choose.  

This money goes into the budget to be used on these special projects.