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2017-2018 Officers

2017-2018 Officers  Left to right, Debbie Pipes, President; Nora Long, First Vice-President; Jeanne Simpson, Local Historian; Patricia Wilson, Second Vice-President; Kay Crumley, Secretary; Laurie Jones, Treasurer; Louretta Evans, Parliamentarian.


Please Remember:

*Due to increased costs meals will be $8.00 this year. Our meals are going to be provided by several vendors. Baker's Ribs,  Yesterdays, and other choices to be coordinated by Sarah Quy and her committee.
*We pick up our own plates. Arrangements have been made to assist members who need help.
*Your caller will contact  you to make a meal reservation. Remember, if you cannot keep the reservation and are unable to cancel by Saturday noon, you will be expected to pay for that meal. If you are eating you must make a reservation for yourself and any guest.
*If you have not been contacted, please call Mrs. Vera Armstrong at 817.594.3445.
*Please count your total volunteer hours each month and have this ready for the Community Service Chairman.
*This will be a great year for PCRTA - Good fellowship, good programs, and a good meal.



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